SSU president talks about meeting with President Trump

SSU president talks about meeting with President Trump

Their institutions may be rewarded in some way thanks to an executive order Trump signed Monday to move the federal initiative on HBCUs into the White House Domestic Policy Council from the Department of Education.

KIMBROUGH: Well, I think that she was looking for an opportunity yesterday to connect what she knows best in that idea of school choice with HBCUs.

"The next step is the budget".

Numerous college presidents also went to Capitol Hill on Tuesday to lobby Congress for more funding. "HBCUs remain at the forefront of opening doors that had previously been closed to so many". Conway is shown with her feet tucked under her knees as she positions herself to take a photo with the President and the HBCU leaders gathered around him.

GOP lawmakers said there were now no concrete plans for increased funding.

Sen. Scott and Rep. Mark Walker, R-N.C., held a special session with the HBCU presidents.

"There are discussions that we need to have around resources that have typically flown to predominately white institutions more abundantly than they have to HBCUs, so that has created inequalities over generations that have significantly disadvantaged places like this", said Todd Simmons, associate vice chancellor for University Relations at North Carolina A&T.

HBCU presidents, who are in Washington, D.C., this week, also have made a decision to request $25 billion from the Trump Administration to assist their schools. Democratic House Leader Nancy Pelosi called it "more empty symbolism".

Other than changing the location of the WHI-HBCUs, Trump's executive order is very similar to Obama's executive order No. 13532.

Loretta Parham, CEO and Director of the Atlanta University Center (AUC) Robert W. Woodruff Library, cautiously awaits President Donald Trump's new executive order on Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs).

The executive order creates an advisory board and requires some federal agencies to prepare an annual plan describing efforts to help the colleges participate in federal programs and initiatives.

It does not specify how much federal money the colleges should receive. But Trump said moving it to the White House will make it "an absolute priority". "If they extend Pell across the year that would be of great benefit for our students". During a 10-minute meeting in the Oval Office with Trump, the HBCU leaders shook hands with the president and White House officials and talked about the importance of HBCUs and how helpful it would be to have stronger federal government support.

Trump's inclination to save HCBUs comes at a time when many of these schools are at a financial nadir, which has caused closings in recent decades.

At a meeting with Pence and Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, officials pledged that the administration will partner with the nation's 100-plus historically black colleges and universities. "Many university presidents were in Washington to discuss the needs of HBCUs, including Oklahoma's president of Langston University, Dr. Kent Smith".

The order is expected to meet new standards brokered between the White House and several HBCU advocacy groups for long-term outcomes on federal funding and student aid support to more than 290,000 students who attend HBCUs nationwide.

The United Negro College Fund had requested that Trump move the initiative to the White House from the Education Department, CBS News reports. Nearly two-thirds of African American undergraduate students receive Pell funding.

Some presidents welcomed the comments from the Trump Administration as a sign of good faith in reaching out to communities which only yielded 8% of its total vote in favor of President Trump during the November elections.

The pen-happy President will also sign two bills: the Inspiring the Next Space Pioneers and Innovators and Explorers Act (INSPIRE) act and Promoting Women in Entrepreneurship Act. "We weren't expecting to get a whole lot out of this meeting".

More than 85 leaders of HBCUs met with President Donald Trump ahead of Tuesday's meeting with Republican lawmakers.

Representative Adams also reminded all that she also taught for forty years at Bennett College. During that time college presidents asked the administration for $25 billion in infrastructure funding, year-round Pell grants, and for increases or maintenance of Title III dollars, which "is meant to improve academic quality, institutional management and fiscal stability", according to POLITICO.

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