Switch News and eShop Interfaces Shown in New Video

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Nintendo previously announced that at least 60 video game titles will be available on the upcoming console, including "The Binding of Isaac" and "Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove". And we do advise purchasing a decent microSD card as the built-in storage is measly, but everything else Nintendo has supplied in the box is more than capable for great gaming sessions. It's possible that nothing will transfer over, though the Wii U did offer a discount for upgrading to the Wii U version, if they had purchased the Wii edition.

Nintendo Switch is a new Hybrid Console by Nintendo, a attractive and innovative portable gaming system. Nintendo's Wii U console bombed when it came out in 2012, and its long-held dominance of the portable game market has been usurped by smartphones and tablets. Therefore, if you notice your battery is low and you still want to continue playing the Zelda adventures while plugged into most power banks, you'll probably not succeed. Currently, the Nintendo Switch has no option for bluetooth headphones and none of the controllers have audio-in, so you're left with no other option (besides some silly workarounds) to listen to your TV or surround sound regardless of your living conditions.

The Pro Controller for the Nintendo Switch isn't restricted to being used with the console itself, making it a much more useful peripheral.

The console comes with two controllers, known as Joy-Cons.

A launch day software update is required to access the eShop. There are also plans to launch other popular titles on the Switch, including a version of Skyrim, a new Sonic game, a Federation Internationale de Football Association soccer game, Minecraft, and Street Fighter, but none of these have specific release dates on Nintendo's website.

GAME, the UK's leading high-street videogames retailer, is set to make waves during the Spring fashion season as it unveils its own distinctive take on the world of high fashion, with the launch of the "Switch Suit" this week.

When I published my review of the Nintendo Switch this morning, I had no idea what the eShop looked like. In that presentation, the actual system information was somewhat limited, but further reports after provided more info. The cooperative multiplayer functionality will also appear first on the Nintendo Switch. "I've seen situations where home consoles can be transported, and it's like a big over-the-shoulder carry-on bag, but the versatility of this thing is groundbreaking". It's the same model we've seen with titles like Guitar Hero, and it doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. But while the announcement itself (made all the way back at E3 2016, when the Switch was still the NX!) was nothing to remark about, that shortchanges the brilliance of a dance title on the console perhaps best suited for it. The previously titled Nintendo Nx is now.