Raven wants more than a rose from Nick on 'The Bachelor'

Jimmy Fallon GRILLS Elijah Wood About His Friendship With Bachelor Nick Viall!

'The Bachelor': Nick And His Final Rose; Who Will Win The Bachelor's, Heart? Let's hope she makes it on the next season of Bachelor in Paradise because that show seems like more of her style. Some believe she deserves it while others are still against Nick Viall keeping her up to this point. She's back to give Nick some much-needed advice and help set him straight on which girl is the right one for him.

So Nick was probably more taken aback than anyone when his ex Andi Dorfman interrupted his thinking time and dropped by for a surprise visit.

'Last time you knocked on my door, surprisingly, you broke up with me.

'The Bachelor': Fantasy Suite Dates; What Happened In Finland? She asked him how her talk with her parents went and he told her it was great. This conversation is so weird. This means that Olympios will be sent home soon. Though he can't say it back, Nick's reaction is positive enough that Raven feels confident he feels the same way about her.

In a moment that rivals any speech Viola Davis has ever given, Corinne declares that she will never kiss up to a man ever again in her life.

"You have made it so easy for me to love you, that I felt I missed an opportunity during hometowns to tell you". You know, like a normal, televised relationship. Did they take things to the next level? Nick gets to his hotel room and immediately goes out on the porch for some wistful staring. Nick doesn't seem too upset about leaving Corinne behind. Corinne was her usual wild self while on her hometown date shopping with Nick, and began wrapping her legs around him in public, as usual. Raven fell more in love with Nick on their date at a pub, playing darts and realizing how ideal they would be for each other: He would cook, she would fold laundry and they would forever argue over ironing versus steaming. She dated her last boyfriend for two years and never said "I love you", and she was afraid that any potential feelings towards Nick would not be reciprocated. After their tour, Raven and Nick have a pretty low-key afternoon at a local pub, having drinks and playing darts. It's time for Nick to embark upon the fantasy suite dates, and Andi wants to know if Nick is going to have sex with all three women. He told her she never did anything wrong and she shouldn't second guess that. Luckily he managed to utter, "I was not expecting that", and they headed to their suite. She says that, despite being a skeptic heading into the show, she's basically becoming a believer.

They share an intimate dinner, during which Raven adorably opens up with a heartfelt diatribe that ends with her tearful first-ever "I love you". He said he would not get engaged to someone he was not in love with. Raven is so nervous that her hand is shaking as she confesses that she has feelings for Nick, she emotionally professes her love for Nick, something she wishes that she had done weeks ago. Nick isn't quite sure what to say to this, so he blushes and then they get up and head off to their fantasy suite.