'The Walking Dead' Season 7: Recap Of Episode 11, 'Hostiles And Calamities'

The Walking Dead debuted a new zombie and it could be a game changer

Dwight discovers Daryl has escaped and happens upon the "go home" note. "I have always been Negan".

But this week he moves from fear that Negan, the Saviors leader, will punish him to a chilling understanding and execution of what it will take to survive. Is Eugene just playing along? Eugene is clearly shaken up and distressed.

Plot twist: She did, but Dwight chose to take the Doctor out of the equation. It's also a warning: Eugene is capable of doing a lot of damage, and he doesn't care who he hurts as long as he keeps himself safe.

Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt) is up to his old tricks in Episode 11 of The Walking Dead. Eugene is even starting to become a bully himself, berating a clerk and commandeering her supplies before he's spent even one week under Negan's influence. He opened a door and prepared to die, but he was given a bedroom, complete with cooking facilities and video games. Over the years this has proven to be one of the strengths of the series, as when they take the time to develop their characters they do so very well, making each character uniquely their own.

The next night, the same women return to Eugene's apartment to ask for his help. In addition to that, we also see two of Negan's wives trying to have Eugene assist in killing Negan. Rick seems to win over nearly anyone he comes across (those who don't end up Team Rick don't usually last for very long), so the Scavengers could end up being genuinely loyal to him. (You had one job to do, Dwighty.) What's shocking to us - and certainly to the newest A-town captive - is that solitary confinement, dog food sandies, and a hot-iron facial are not on the menu for Eugene. He then heads back to his apartment to make the pills. It also doesn't mean that Dwight can not come back.

Audiences have seen his character develop from helpless to increasingly courageous, when he realizes he can actually do things.

On the other hand, the newest development for Eugene marks a significant detour from his path in the Walking Dead comic books. These lies served two purposes: they made his love seem like less of a traitor and made it so nobody would go looking for her. In fact, Eugene says he was Negan before he even met Negan. All we can hope for is for this to pay up and sabotage the Saviors effort and help Rick ultimately. Dwight joins him, and they have a brief chat where Eugene once again confirms that he's fully on Team Negan now. And at this point, Dwight seems to associate anyone with Negan as an enemy. As the letter is read, I began to feel very sorry for Dwight. And he frames the camp's loyal doctor as an accomplice in Sherry and Daryl's escape, although he has learned it was Sherry who set the captive free. He's then led out to the fences, where Negan is waiting to size up just how smart he is.

Meanwhile, Dwight is being put through the ringer for Daryl's escape, as well as the disappearance of Sherry, Dwight's ex, who is now one of Negan's wives.

Dwight, however, is blamed for letting Daryl out. Yet all it takes is Dwight responding with an "I'm Negan" to convince Negan that Dwight is still on the right side of things. Negan wants Dwight to bring her back and Dwight returns to the house he once shared with Sherry before the outbreak. The death count isn't quite zero in this episode, but Dr. Carson's (R. Keith Harris) Holocaust-evoking demise feels anything but titillating or gratuitous. We find out in a note Sherry wrote to him. He says Sherry was soft and had a big heart, but that kind of person doesn't last long at the Sanctuary. Meantime, a really extended voiceover from Sherry - he finds a letter she's left him at their old meeting place - tries to remind Dwight of himself.

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Dr. Carson was the only fatality tonight, but Sherry's fate is still unknown. Contrary to what she says in the letter, Dwight did keep in mind to come here and did remember beer and pretzels.

Once again, we're left thinking Dwight is both awful (letting the doctor die by taking the fall) and not too bad of a guy (see, pretzels, he loves her!).