Do Political Statements At Awards Show Actually Make A Difference?

Loading Samuel L. Jackson isn't shy about revealing his Oscar picks

And sure to stoke the rhetoric at Sunday's Oscars is news this weekend that US immigration authorities are barring entry to a 21-year-old Syrian cinematographer who worked on the documentary short nominee "The White Helmets", about the nation's civil war.

"La La Land" is going to rack-up on the lion's share of the awards, but the only acting recognition it is going to get is for Emma Stone's sure-fire win for Best Actress.

Movie superstars, directors, producers and other stakeholders in Hollywood are employing all possible fashion and cosmetic procedures to look their best on the red carpet as the clock ticks closer to Oscars 2017. Andrew Garfield (half-Brit) is an outside chance in the Best Actor shortlist. "Arrival" could be the surprise here, given its Writers Guild award, but this will probably be Moonlight's consolation prize for not winning Best Picture. But perhaps this year, those wishing to say something political will avoid "thank-yous" to be more efficient. That award went to Denzel Washington for "Fences".

The movie, starring Casey Affleck and Michelle Williams, is up for six Academy Awards including best actor (Affleck), best original score and best supporting actor (Lucas Hedges). Finally, while Chazelle didn't have a large core group of actors and actresses to direct, what he was able to do to inspire Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone goes above and beyond. Natalie Portman's turn as Jackie Kennedy was the front-runner early on, but all the buzz around her performance seems to have faded. With Jeff Bridges from "Hell or High Water" already having an Oscar, no real competition for Ali has emerged. Moonlight. Mahershala Ali, one of the film's stars, was born in Oakland and raised in Hayward and contacted the A's about giving the club the special screening. That will bring the "La La Land" total to a dominating nine awards out of 14 nominations.

Dev Patel is our strongest hope following his BAFTA win, with his nomination in Best Supporting Actor category.

Writing (Adapted Screenplay) - "Moonlight" is as delicate a piece of writing as I can imagine in a screenplay.

Kenneth Lonergan's visceral family drama Manchester by the Sea tells the story of a handyman in Boston who heads back to his hometown to take care of his nephew after the boy's father dies.

It may be a lead role, but there is really no way Viola Davis doesn't win for "Fences". The exception to that rule was Mel Gibson's Hacksaw Ridge, which drew more Trump backers to the box office by a significant margin (2 percent vs. 18 percent). Will Anna Kendrick and Gwen Stefani, who co-star in both the film and the song's music video, show up? But it got the requisite theatrical run to make it Oscar eligible and it's a deserving favorite to top other impressive entries, including "I Am Not Your Negro" and "13".

Best Foreign Language Film - Ever since "Elle" unexpectedly didn't make the cut, the offbeat German film "Toni Erdmann" was seen as the frontrunner.