Putin-Trump meeting not yet discussed with US - Moscow

The cracks are beginning to deepen

And, still, if they give the administration a clean bill of health, will the American public believe it? But beneath all the yelling, there are some simple facts; you remember those, right?

The key point is that there's no tie between the leaked information from US intelligence agencies and former President Obama, as this fake news headline suggests. Trump could grant Russia various favors when it comes to worldwide politics just because he wants a better relationship with Russia, Oliver says. Trump said in a tweet. "I mean, all connections which you could have had would have been to the detriment of Russian Federation, to the detriment of your president", Karaganov replied.

The FBI informs the Democratic National Committee that a Russian-linked cyber-spy group had likely compromised its computer network. Bernie Sanders are leaked via Wikileaks. He pointed to Trump's surrender of the moral high ground, when Trump told O'Reilly to "take a look at what we've done, too" after O'Reilly called Putin "a killer".

The New York Times reported that White House aides had delivered a sealed proposal to Flynn's office shortly before he has to step down, outlining a way for President Trump to lift sanctions against Russian Federation.

Senior Russian intelligence officials. Mr. Trump's response was to choose this time to have Defense Secretary James Mattis threaten North Atlantic Treaty Organisation with lessening our commitment to their defense.

The accusations made are that of Flynn discussing sanctions slapped on Russian Federation during the last few weeks of the Obama administration. Then, Flynn said that he could not remember if he talked about sanctions. Konstantin Eggert, a commentator at the independent network TV Rain, reported that the state-media holdings had received an order from the Kremlin to cut down on coverage of Mr Trump; Bloomberg, citing three anonymous sources familiar with the matter, suggested as much.

President Donald Trump likes risks, but can be naïve, according to a psychological profile being assembled for Russian president Vladimir Putin as he prepares for his first meeting with Trump.

The White House issued a statement announcing the justice department would seek an emergency stay to reinstate the ban while the president took to Twitter yet again.

Editor: The Rachel Maddow Show on February 14 was disturbing. Alas, open questions remain.

The scandal over Trump's alleged ties to Russian Federation "is now a kind of banana skin for Trump", Federov said. The Russians mostly use "erratic" as code for linking issues they believe should be completely unrelated, such as their conduct in Syria linked with US arms control negotiations.