Point Counterpoint: We must protect ourselves from school choice, Betsy DeVos

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After an initial split in the Senate earlier this month, Betsy DeVos was confirmed as education secretary in President Donald Trump's Cabinet. In the event of a tie, the Senate president is to cast the final vote. It remains to be seen if DeVos, as some supporters believe, can translate the format of successful private schools to public ones, although it is even unclear if this is her intention.

And then there's the argument about DeVos being radically anti-public school because of her stances on school choice, vouchers and charter schools - even though those stances clearly resemble her Democratic predecessors'. Her nomination for secretary of education was seen as odd since she has not worked in public schools or held any sort of office.

"I think what's going to happen is educational equity is not going to be as pursued as vigorously as before", said the political science professor.

Thirteen states sued the federal government over the requirements, and in August, a federal judge in Texas put the order on temporary hold nationwide. Many Nebraskans urged Fischer to side with two other Republicans and vote against DeVos ("Southeast students oppose DeVos", Feb. 4).

In a New Yorker article titled "Betsy DeVos and the Plan to Break Public Schools", it was noted of DeVos' 20-year charter school initiative in MI that these schools are the least regulated in America, lacking transparency.

I am very proud of my public school education.

- An increase in taxpayers' money to support a variety of nontraditional schools.

DeVos, who, surprisingly enough, supports gay rights, did not want to sign off on the new order, which will reverse Obama's 2016 directive ordering schools to grant students access to their choice of bathroom. But as things stand now, 83 percent of students attend traditional public schools.

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Point Counterpoint: We must protect ourselves from school choice, Betsy DeVos

Two prominent Democrat senators, Cory Booker from New Jersey and Elizabeth Warren from MA, are on record in previous years, before being elected to the Senate, supporting parental choice in education. The actual functions of the secretary of education entail advising to the president or, in practice, transmitting the president's position, along with many technical duties, such as coordinations of department activities. He added, "she should be committed to bolstering public education".

"I had always pictured my future that I will work at a public high school, teach history and it would be fun", Langdale said. Considering it is a federal act, one would assume she would be well versed in it.

I have high hopes for Secretary DeVos' success.

- A "review" of the Obama administration's increase in accountability for for-profit colleges, including oversight of cases of fraud and predatory lending.

DeVos has largely been silent on if she would wield this authority.

The Education Department, the Times wrote, can "punish egregious violators by cutting off federal financial aid - the industry's lifeblood - with the efficiency of a guillotine". "Education as a whole has something wrong with it, but I think it's a problem that most politicians are promoting that something is wrong with education". The people that change the world aren't exclusively from private schools.

An investigation of MI public schools found MI public school students perform slightly better on standardized tests than charters statewide, even when student poverty is taken into account.

According to a study by WalletHub, the D.C. public school system, despite ranking 13th in the nation in spending, ranks 47 out of 51 in performance.