Samsung Galaxy S8 vs LG G6: The Battle Of Style


South Korean phone manufacturer Samsung announced that it plans to extend support for its Flow Android app to support all Windows 10 devices and the target is the upcoming Creators Update due to land in April.

Samsung is said to be putting refurbished Galaxy Note 7 handsets on sale with new batteries following the cancellation of the device late past year.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and LG G6 are set to be two of the biggest smartphone releases of 2017.

Samsung recalled the majority of the Note 7 units, which means there are about 3 million devices lying with the company as of now.

The publication noted (in Korean) that the refurbished product may be sold mostly in India, Vietnam and some other emerging markets.

As it will be a refurbished unit it will be priced significantly lower than the original Note 7. This would be the first time Samsung is not launching one of its flagship smartphones at the MWC 2017. After sacrificing 20,000 units for finding out the cause of the problem, Samsung still has good many handsets in its store.

According to Korean site Hankyung, Samsung is in the process of replacing defective Galaxy Note 7 batteries for the goal of reselling them as refurbished devices in certain markets.

The reports from the local Hankyung news agency suggest that over 200,000 of the devices were used during an investigation into the issue, leaving around 2.5 million handsets for Samsung to refurbish and sell on.

New images posted to Twitter allegedly show what looks to be a dummy model of the Galaxy S8.

The likelihood of refurbed Note 7s ever coming to the United States or Europe is pretty slim - regulators may have something to say about that scenario. Initially, the battery of Note 7 was diagnosed unsafe. It remains to be seen if Samsung has made the feature more efficient this year.

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