Israeli Benjamin Netanyahu held secret Arab peace meeting


The US ambassador to the United Nations, however, later disputed the notion that the US does not support the two-state solution. The one-state option mooted by Mr Trump will resonate with both Israelis and Palestinians because it reminds each side of their historic ambitions.

Abdullah Sawalha, director of the Centre for Israeli Studies in Amman, said he was "pessimistic" about the future of a two-state solution, arguing that Trump's statement was just a description of a reality that no one wants to admit.

Despite the recognition of the State of Israel being an avowed "must-have" requirement for Netanyahu, he rejected the offer categorically, stating he would never be able to obtain support for it back home. The Prime Minister's Office refused to comment, Haaretz adds. Just last month, at a Middle East Conference hosted by France some 70 countries, including the USA, had endorsed the two-state solution, also calling for a stop to the ongoing Jewish settlements building fin the occupied Palestinian lands.

Last April, Mr Lee made an official week-long trip to the Middle East that included visits to Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian Territories. "If we now start to fight with the Trump administration... and the Republican-majority Congress, people will really start to think that the leadership in the State of Israel is a bunch of nutcases", he said, the Times of Israel reported. This is not because of anything Netanyahu said. It has shown itself willing to stand against the vast majority of the worldwide community on the issue, rejecting for example the refrain that east Jerusalem is "occupied Palestinian territory".

Hundreds of thousands of Jewish settlers live in the territory, which Israel has occupied since the Six-Day War of 1967.

The Heat: Netanyahu visits Washington Pt 1Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu meets U.S. President Donald Trump at the White House.

According to the law, Palestinian landowners would be compensated either with money or alternative land, even if they did not agree to give up their property.

"Given this talk of a one-state solution and given the 5000 new settlements that are being flung out over on Palestinian land the world has now got no alternative but to recognise the Palestinian state", Mr Carr said.

At that meeting, both Trump and Netanyahu talked of searching for new ways forward with the Palestinians and raised the possibility of involving the broader Arab world in a new peace process.

Some believe the release of the information may be timed to embarrass Netanyahu as relations with the US are warming.

Here at home previous year, we celebrated with pride the bravery of our 1916 leaders who gave their lives and inspired their followers to shake off the shackles of a cruel colonial oppressor.