The Walking Dead: Watch The Talked About Scene From New Best Friends

039;The Walking Dead': Ezekiel's Decision Explained  May Change His Mind

He's trying to hold on to a crumbling peace because, like Carol, he personally can't stomach the idea of more fighting.

When he asked what she planned to do wit Gabriel if the had not shown up, she dodged the question and told him: 'Go.

The official synopsis for Hostilities and Calamities reads: "An Alexandrian discovers they must navigate the mysterious, confusing and terrifying world within the Saviors' compound". As is typical, the powwow does not go smoothly, with Richard and his old nemesis Jared squaring off at gunpoint. Father Gabriel, who we find out had been taken by the mystery group, straight up asks him. If they keep following that trail, it will lead them to a cabin of someone Ezekiel cares about. It isn't until he says that the woman is ballsy and tough that Daryl figures out he is describing Carol.

Let's return to the Daryl story, in which he finally reunites with Carol.

So that's why he was smiling at the end of the previous episode, just after being taken prisoner. One of the saviors hits him. "Also, it gives them a bit of mystery and is a power play". Like Spencer, he makes some good points, but he goes about things in all the wrong ways. The unforeseen issue here is that Daryl now recognizes Richard is talking about Carol and physically stops him from exacting his plan. There's a Darol reunion in sight. He merely claims he was out in the woods when he spotted Carol. If anything happens to Carol, from death to injury to ingrown toenail, he promises Richard, "I'll kill ya". They own our lives, if you kill us, you'll be taking something from them and they will come looking. At seeing Carol near tears at the thought of anyone being hurt, Daryl lies and says they're all fine.

Still, the people who know about King Ezekiel's deal with The Saviors do not agree with his stance.

Quiz: Which TV Vigilante Are You? . "New Best Friends" will then end with Daryl heading to the Hilltop to prepare for war. It seems like Morgan wants to act but is still conflicted over his monk-hood. However, when he got the opportunity to update her on everything that happened since they last saw each other, Daryl chose not to. We don't exactly know when Morgan's DIY cell will be put to use, but it has to be put to use at some point in the future.

Daryl paused before deciding not to tell her of Negan's deadly deeds.

I love a good reunion, don't you?

The episode begins with another meeting between King Ezekiel (Khary Payton) and the Saviors, far away from the Kingdom's reach. When Rick's crew is herded into the yard and encircled, I assumed for a second this was going into Futurama territory and "snoo snoo" was going to be demanded. Morgan knew that if Carol knew the truth, she'd be at the Kingdom and ready to fight. I anticipate much of the coming episodes to be emotional nail biters like this episode was, as we work towards the season finale.

Where will the group find these new guns? Our heroes at Alexandria have made friends within each of the other communities season seven has introduced us to, but so far, the series has made it clear that it can't have them make friends too quickly. Low on supplies, this inspires the group's leader to consider their request, but first she wants Rick to prove himself. They bring Rick somewhere to meet someone. He also claps Gabriel on the back for a job well done.

However, with Daryl with them now, it looks like Richard will be all the keener to take on the Saviors and have The Kingdom help.

Rosita is still very angry about the situation they're in.

I didn't love everything about the Trash People, who I guess are called the Garbage Pail Kids, but I did love how the entire scene with Rick and this new group was so campy, nearly like a 60s' or 70s' science fiction film. Many believed the smile to mean he was confident of forging a new alliance with the gang he met in his ambitious fight against Negan. The leader steps up to Rick - we owe your lives, do you want to buy them back? "She makes sure that he knows who's still on top". A callback, of course, to this wonderful early bonding moment between Michonne and Carl, where she stole the rainbow cat statue. It's a cute moment and a nice callback to season 3.

"New Best Friends" doesn't do the best job of filling in the gaps of everything that happened off-screen with the former man of the cloth in last week's episode. Instead of sitting in the DVR queue like an obligation to seasons past, the episodes now get watched in real time again. Given the show's history, we are in for something GREAT!

The main strength of the episode, like that of The Walking Dead as a whole, is its visuals.

Here's what "The Walking Dead" fans can expect from actor Norman Reedus' Daryl.