Pelicans Trade for Cousins is a Sign

Kings' De Marcus Cousins eyes extension Sacramento is 'where I want to be'

The Kings are getting guards Buddy Hield, Tyreke Evans, and Langston Galloway (who will be waived, according to The Vertical's Adrian Wojnarowski), and a pair of 2017 draft picks.

For the immediate future, the Pelicans (23-34) just added an All-Star center to team up with Anthony Davis.

Anthony Davis just finished scoring an All-Star game record 52 points in front of his home crowd of New Orleans while receiving the MVP honors in the Western Conference All-Stars' 192-182 win over the Eastern Conference All-Stars. As far as effort concerns, New Orleans isn't a shining example of an National Basketball Association franchise, but the change of scenery from the Kings to the Pelicans should still be jarring enough to promote more consistency in Cousins.

Stories about the University of Kentucky, where they both played one season before vaulting to the NBA (Cousins in 2010 and Davis two years later)? A little later, Jarinn Akana, the agent of Cousins, told ESPN that his client would refuse to a sign a contract extension with the team that he's traded to.

But the Kings chose to move on without him, having not made the playoffs since taking Cousins with the No. 5 pick in the 2010 draft. They can stick with Jrue Holiday at the point this offseason, or they can opt to dump off some salaries to sign a player like Chris Paul in the offseason. But he's just such a insane lunatic on the court, are the 25 points and 10 rebounds a night worth the technical fouls, ejections, and embarrassments? It's that the Kings did so and still only managed to recover pennies on the dollar for an All-NBA center. With the NBA Trade Deadline looming prior to tip-off on Thursday, Jones will either be out of town or down on the depth chart.

According to ESPN's Mark Stein, the teams came to terms barely minutes after the All-Star game in New Orleans on Sunday evening. It won't stop new L.A. Lakers trade rumors from flooding social media, but a deal wouldn't be in the best interest of the franchise.

"If I shot 50 percent, I feel like I would've made my case", said Jordan, who also lost in the first round of the NBA Dunk Contest on Saturday.

You don't make a deal of this magnitude for Cousins without knowing you can keep him around longer than 14 months. The Pels also gave up a 2017 first round pick and a future second round pick. But they couldn't trade their pick this season because it belongs to the Philadelphia 76ers, unless it's in the top three picks.