Trump aides in contact with Russian officials

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Not all of Trump's statements during the press conference were factual.

Robert Harward is said to be the top candidate to replace Gen. Michael Flynn as President Trump's national security adviser.

President Donald Trump in a press conference at the White House on Thursday discussed his concern about the leaks taking place from within his administration.

"The leaks are real".

Trump lashed out at reporters for "this whole Russian Federation scam that you guys are building, so that you don't talk about the real subject, which is illegal leaks".

"Mike was doing his job", Trump said at his press conference Thursday. At several points, he declared that "Russia is fake news".

"Nobody that I know of".

Trump was pressed several more times in the combative press briefing about ties to Russian Federation.

"Russia is a ruse", he told a room full of reporters - and America. I have nothing to do with Russian Federation. CNN reports that the communications "raised a red flag" due to their frequency, and the aides' proximity to Trump.

"I inherited a mess - at home and overseas - a mess", said President Trump. "Russia is fake news".

"The tone is such hatred", Mr. Trump said of the coverage of his government. "Another mess I inherited". "It's a mess. At home and overseas, a mess", he said.

Mattis said the Trump administration will still engage Putin politically. But-but I'm not ranting and raving.

When the journalist asked about recent threats to 48 Jewish centers across the country and signs of rising anti-Semitism, Trump appeared to take the question personally, replying: "I am the least anti-Semitic person that you've ever seen in your entire life".

"Officials said that the absence of an orderly flow of council documents, ultimately the responsibility of Mr. Flynn, explained why [Secretary of Defense James] Mattis and Mike Pompeo, the director of the C.I.A".

President Donald Trump on Thursday reiterated that his push to reset the US relations with Russian Federation would continue regardless of the political blowback.

US President Donald Trump has hailed his administration as a "fine-tuned machine" that is battling a "mess" he inherited "at home and abroad" from the Obama administration.

If I did a tenth of what she did, I'd be in jail today.

"We have made incredible progress".

The President said he didn't mind when details of his conversations with the leaders of Australia and Mexico found their way into media, but it would be tricky when he deals with more sensitive foreign policy issues such as North Korea.

He complained much of what was reported about his administration was unfair, but said: "I don't mind a bad story if it's true".

"We had a very smooth roll out of the travel ban".

We must get to the bottom of the matter, for the sake of the nation and for the public's peace of mind.

"White House officials say that was a blunder, and that the process of reviewing executive orders has been straightened out by Reince Priebus, the White House chief of staff".