No more passes left for Donald Trump rally in Melbourne

After four weeks in office President Trump is going back on the campaign trail

President Donald Trump launched another attack aimed at "the dishonest media" in an extended rant during a rally in Melbourne, Florida, on Saturday, criticizing the publishing of recent stories detailing a chaotic first month in the White House.

Trump also once again continued his attacks on the ninth circuit court of appeals, which suspended the travel ban on seven predominantly Muslim nations.

Donald Trump held a campaign rally in Melbourne, Florida on Saturday.

Priebus called recent stories in the New York Times pertaining to the Trump's campaign's and administration's ties to Russian Federation "bogus".

"Everybody wants to enjoy this", said Lacey. He urged lawmakers to work with him on tax reform, an infrastructure spending plan and the replacement of the Affordable Care Act but did not dwell on the particulars.

Charges will be filed with Palm Beach County State Attorney's Office, the sheriff's office said.

The 45th President is expected to address some of his early accomplishments and agenda items ahead. "We will have strong borders".

There were other throwbacks to Trump's days as a candidate. As the theme from the movie Air Force One blasted through the speakers, the presidential airplane itself rolled up to the rally just after 4:30 p.m.

On Thursday, he held a 76-minute press conference where he told reporters their level of dishonesty was out of control, citing coverage of his campaign's alleged contacts with Moscow. "Making our country great again is a campaign". Moments later, he tossed the hat out to the crowd.

First Lady Melania Trump, before introducing her husband, read the Lord's Prayer.

Mr Trump himself promoted his appearance on Twitter: "Looking forward to the Florida rally tomorrow".

Ostensibly built around a trip to Boeing for the unveiling of its 787-10 Dreamliner, Trump can bask in the support of a state he won by 14 points over Hillary Clinton, Politico reported. The supporter had already been spotted in media appearances when the president recognized him and called him on stage in a move that could have been a potential Secret Service disaster. "You want a government that keeps its promises". They were interviewing people in the line.

Trump's middle child, Eric, in an interview "rejected suggestions that his family is offering access to his father and profiting from it", pointing out that the wealthy and well-connected do not need to join the Mar-a-Lago if they wish to lobby the federal government.