Fist Fight aims for the throat and rewards with belly laughs


The Fist Fight after-credits scene will be very welcome for fans of Tracy Morgan, who had to take an extended break from the entertainment industry after his near-fatal auto crash in 2014. It's the last day of the school year, also known as Senior Prank Day.

I see so many comedies lately that they tend to blend together. In the middle of February, that's enough. Think again. Fist Fight stars Ice Cube (Boys n the Hood; Friday) and Charlie Day (Horrible Bosses; It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) as high school teachers readying to draw fists at the end of the day. The pair emphasized that they signed on for Fist Fight to explore new challenges that their television careers lacked, like intricate character depth (for Day) and control over the whole storyline (for Keen).

If you've ever seen the vastly underrated "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia", you know that Charlie Day is a really amusing actor. Cube's slow-burn fury gets funnier and funnier by virtue of existing in the same frame: it's like watching a massive oak refuse to bend in a whirlwind. Dean Norris, Jillian Bell and Kumail Nanjiani.

That will leave moviegoers who head out to Fist Fight wondering whether there will be an after-credits scene that gives them a little bit more comedy. Were you familiar with that movie when you signed on? A stunningly unnecessary comedy, Fist Fight perpetuates unoriginal characters, a preposterous premise and a half-hearted stand-up-for-yourself message.

I know how they felt. So after we did a few takes, I knew everything was intact.

Although "Fist Fight" doesn't pack as much punch or originality as I had hoped, it's still a pleasure to see these comic performers do battle. Richie thank you and I love you for believing in me, I was so scared on the first day because I didn't know if I was amusing or not after what I had just been through. With just one day's notice he flew to Atlanta to meet the Barbershop star. And Jillian Bell ("Workaholics") earns the majority of supporting screen time as a vulgar guidance counselor whose primary quests involve sleeping with her graduating students and/or giving up her recreational meth use.

It's not an entirely unfamiliar premise (it's loosely - very loosely - based on the 1987 high-school comedy Three O'Clock High), but it gets off on the wrong foot by focusing nearly entirely on Campbell to the detriment of everyone else. Here is what I thought of this new comedy. "I was an 18-year-old kid", Day said. I'm not the biggest fan of Morgan, but he has some amusing lines and he isn't used extensively. Sure, he eventually rants about budget cuts and disrespect for teachers, but really the cause seems to be that he's Ice Cube and the movie needs Mr. Strickland to be scary. So we were able to tweak the script in ways that we wanted it to go and we were able to help make these casting decisions and editing decisions, and Richie's greatest talent is what a good collaborator he is.

"Yes, Fist Fight has enough crude sexual humor to fill two such mediocrities". His latest film, Fist Fight opens in theaters this weekend.

This is slightly surprising considering that the beginning and ending of the movie does actively dish out social commentary on the state of the current education system, also with regards to the complete disrespect that the teachers themselves are met with from their superiors on a day-to-day basis.