Apple's new patent reveals fingerprint scanner technology in

Apple's new patent reveals fingerprint scanner technology in

Now, a renowned analyst - Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities - has revealed yet another supposed detail about the upcoming device. The iPhone 8 will have a brand new design featuring a large, almost bezel-less OLED screen.

In a note to investors obtained by AppleInsider, Kuo said Apple has chose to incorporate the "function" space on the screen due to the device's bezel-less design, which it was unable to do before.

The bigger battery in iPhone 8 will be equipped with a wireless charging technology, one that will enable users to charge their phone without having to plug it. Eventually, this device will be more famously known as iPhone 8. So far most of the Apple mobile devices have the matrix hardware, but this time the tech giant wants to introduce a more developed technology.

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According to Hall, Apple plans to remove the Home Button which would allow the iPhone 8 to have an edge-to-edge display.

MacRumors reports that Apple might replace the Touch ID with 3D Face Scanning in its next 5.8-inch iPhone model.

Apple fans, one of your loved devices turned 10 recently. Exclude the function area, however, and the actual usable size of the display will be 5.15-inches - which is roughly in line with upcoming rivals like the Galaxy S8 (also tipped for a 5.8-inch display and onscreen controls).

And if the next Apple phone, the iPhone 8, had a 5.8-inch screen for a smartphone ... The latest smartphone that is witnessing a breach in its private life (metaphorically) is Apple's sweet baby iPhone 8. If the OLED iPhone 8 is Apple laying the ground for the next decade of the iPhone, then it would be odd if it did that with the old - and somewhat stale - iOS user interface.

As for the price tag, Kuo says the feature-rich iPhone 8 will have a starting price of $1000. The remaining section will form a unique function bar, replacing the current physical home button at the bottom of the display.

Kuo also stated that the new device will have other biometric technologies.

Apple has patented a new authentication solution for smartphones that would see a range of micro-LEDs used for fingerprint recognition rather than a dedicated sensor.

Apple is allegedly working with Broadcom on a custom wireless charging system for future generation iPhones, according to JPMorgan analyst Harlan Sur via CNBC.