Betsy DeVos' Department Of Education Misspelled WEB Du Bois' Name

Should tax money pay for private schools? Readers respond: Letters

Larson introduced similar bills in previous years that failed to advance through the Legislature.

Secretary DeVos has defended the right of parents to choose the learning environment that's best for their children. "It'll put a brighter spotlight on charter schools in the state and on the opportunities charter schools provide".

The Education Department has been getting criticisms in the social media after the name of a prominent African-American sociologist was misspelled. This is unsettling for public schools because it means schools that aren't held to the same academic standards are taking money that could be used to enrich public schools that play by the rules. But in Detroit, where DeVos has said charters have shown positive results, data cited by the Free Press in the past has shown that neither charters nor public schools have posted particularly strong results.

About 10 percent of schoolchildren in the United States go to private schools, according to 2013-14 data, the latest available, with 38 percent of these enrolled in Catholic schools. To help states meet the excess costs, the federal government supplied $11.9 billion in funding in 2016.

"I am personally anxious that she's going to use a large sum of federal funding for charter schools, which I think will negatively impact public schools".

"It's a solution looking for a problem", said Jackson, who noted that charter school outcomes are mixed.

In each of these roles, DeVos championed the importance of school choice. "That's when you're taking things to another level", Watson said.

In the last few weeks, the Trump administration hasn't instilled much confidence in its knowledge of Black History Month. Catherine Blair, also a junior and Elementary and Special Education major said "I am going to try to keep a positive outlook and understand that the most important part of being a teacher is just to ensure that every student gets a quality, equal education".

"I think she is a bad pick because she advocates using school vouchers".

Hoesing said Schuyler Community Schools encourages parents and community members to give feedback so they can meet students' needs. But, as was the common refrain about President Trump before he took office, maybe we should giver her a chance. "In a way, we act more like charter schools than we think".

However, some educators have seen potential to DeVos' proposals, particularly in the flexibility it may afford schools in innovating new teaching methods and curriculums.

The U.S. Department of Education was the subject of ire Sunday morning when it incorrectly spelled civil rights activist W.E.B. "Here, then, is where we might find the silver lining in an otherwise ever darkening cloud arising over the White House: grass-roots community based and globally oriented education".