The Walking Dead season 7B: new clip teases episode 10


The one villain-one season policy seems to have dried out and it needs a good script that might bring back the viewership.

In a ideal world, after the Saviors are taken over and Negan is either killed or brought to justice, it would be nice to believe that the only threat left is the walkers. Since the Kingdom has big numbers and solid fighters, the prospect of having them in the fight would have helped their cause to a solid victory.

'No, I'm just real sorry they're gone, ' he said. Boat. So Rick and company take off for the boat, following the trail of footprints.

As if this episode wasn't enough indication, the teaser clip for next week made it abundantly clear: war is on the way.

Back in season seven, episode seven, while Carl and Jesus are hitching a ride to the Sanctuary, two Saviors discuss how Joey was the one who came up with the plans to set traps like that one for zombie hordes. He knows he wouldn't [steal Alexandria's food and leave]. I'm not much of a video game fan either.So why did I bother to share a video game about WALKING DEAD?

So there's that. But what can we talk about that hasn't already been covered this week? The people of Alexandria are looking to form the alliances they need to get the fight against Negan started, just as the trailers revealed in the past few weeks. When asked about his take on Rick's new mission, Andrew Lincoln said: "Everybody knows that when war is called, there's going to be bloodshed". A road trip ensues, leading to.

Rick leaves The Kingdom in hopes that Daryl can work his magic on the King. Moreover, Father Gabriel could also have a role to play in this because it is thanks to him that Tara, Aaron and the others found this new group.

Following the successful test runs on the past episodes of "Scandal" and "The Walking Dead" where about 80 percent of people at the party stayed longer for the whole hour-long telecast, realized that they should host viewing parties for significant episodes of the popular zombie apocalypse series. Based on the episode title, Rick's rebellion could come across new allies, in addition to the old ones. But once again, Rick was rejected by Ezekiel.

The next morning, Ezekiel makes his decree. Dwight? Someone else? Now that the Saviors have Eugene, maybe they'll put him in charge of that in addition to bullet production. It's a shaky peace, but it's peace, he reasons.

Rick will do well to keep a close eye on Simon.

Rick is finally back in Season 7 of The Walking Dead and after offering you our review of the mid-season premiere, you are given some answers on the mystery of the end of the episode. There's always the fear that if they can't provide one week, Negan's crew will come in and take it all away. Luckily, Rosita knows exactly how to disarm a bomb.

This leads us to Gabriel [Seth Gilliam, ] Alexandria's resident preacher.

Poor Rick is leaving behind his man-crush Daryl. Whether it's two days from now, two months from now, or even two years from now, the Saviors are going to want Daryl's head - a bad sign for everyone's favorite bad boy. They also notice the pantry is empty, something likely related to Gabriel's disappearance. It turns out, he might be right.

All is not as it seems as a cryptic clue is left by Gabriel for the group to find: a piece of paper with the word "boat" on it.

Teasers for the next episode "New Best Friends" show Rick face to face with the leaders of this new group.