'The Walking Dead' Midseason Premiere Recap: All the Help We Can Get


Serratos has broken our hearts and kicked some serious butt as the dead serious Rosita Espinosa in the series.

"There will be more information as you view it more than one time, because, if you notice, there is a moment when he gets in the auto, and the car's driving away, and somebody sits up in the seat next to him", Walking Dead executive producer Greg Nicotero told Entertainment Weekly. And sure, we know it's fleeting and if they get rid of Negan something worse will appear in his place - but for now, it's something to hold onto. I could breathe again and I remember why I first fell in love with The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead returned Sunday night, and just as the mid-season finale hinted in a wordless closing sequence back in December, gang Grimes is reunited and ready to rumble with Negan's Saviors.

It should have been extremely satisfying to see Rick & co. learn about the Kingdom and meet Ezekiel for the first time, and indeed, their incredulous "King?". Granted, that following is probably filled with a lot of people who don't want to cross their leader, but it's still a big following. Too many people have died trying to kill Negan.

The group told Ezekiel - and a shocked Morgan - that Abraham, Glenn, Spencer and Olivia had been killed by The Saviors, while Eugene was captured.

As the group slowly creeps on the property where they found the boat of supplies earlier this season, they become surrounded by a massive crowd of people - a new community. If he can convince this new community that the Saviors are the real enemy they could be exactly what the survivors need in order to take on Negan.

The Saviors are looking for Daryl, but Rick plays it off, pretending to not know he has escaped.

Moreover, Gimple previewed that the back half of the current season will also feature a variation of plotlines, with some episodes telling numerous stories in one go while others adopt a more focused direction. Do you enjoy human-on-robot sex on Humans? While they don't have the numbers yet, the group did come across a string of explosives from the Saviors that could help them in their future fight. But that might be just enough of a foot in the door that Rick needs in order to have an ace in the hole.

Before I ruin episode 9 for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, I'll give you fair warning: Expect plenty of spoilers ahead.

It's only a matter of time until Daryl and the Alexandrians see her though, right? But wouldn't that be one heck of an episode? However, the meeting between Rick and Ezekiel goes on for a good 30 minutes. They take the cars that the steel wire is attached to and drive it straight towards to walkers, slicing about 300 of them in half. Just seeing the start, where Father Gabriel is taken, set my mouth watering!

Actors Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan and Danai Gurira speak onstage during AMC presents "Talking Dead Live" for the premiere of "The Walking Dead" at Hollywood Forever on October 23, 2016 in Hollywood, California.

The heroes scramble, with Rick and Michonne hot-wiring the cars on opposite sides of the highway that have the cable stretched like a clothesline between them. Later, Rick finds a note left by Gabriel reading "BOAT" which leaves us wondering what the connection is between the mysterious person, the boat and why Gabriel, presumably, left with this person voluntarily.