The Walking Dead "Roadblock" Mid-Season Clip


We want to believe he's grown into a stronger person, let's hope he has a plan or something. Alexandria, having just been the scene of Spencer and Olivia's deaths, is in its trickiest situation yet. There, they can hang out with the whole group, or find a special someone to engage in some sexy digital foreplay about Negan's latest victim.

What we know for certain is that Greg Nicotero and company's promise for a return to The Walking Dead that fans have come to love seems to be building. Everyone will just have to wait and see what group managed to bring a smile across Rick's face. No one, including the audience, is surprised by this turn, but there's an eyebrow lift when Enid's underground recruiting amasses a sizeable group of fearless Hilltoppers that are all-in to fight if trained. Yas, Enid, yas gurl! Rick sees the dynamite, though, and suggests they need to take it for their upcoming Negan battle.

Rick, for better or worse, has been sufficiently pissed off to the point of recalling who he is - a rebel and survivior. He's all like, what?! He tells Rick that Carol was shot and the doctors in The Kingdom helped her. Carol warns him about traveling alone.

But we got to see King Ezekiel's tiger and his hype man. He can't hide is thirst for her. The group is shocked to see Shiva. We're making them stronger. That said, I'm at least a little confused who left the "BOAT" clue in the bible (if indeed Gabriel didn't' know of Rick and Aaron's journey), or if these junkyard folk have anything to do with the survivalist who made that sign/trap in the first place. This sequence on the road is incredibly tense, too, with Rosita calmly disarming bombs, Tara hurriedly moving vehicles, and Rick and Michonne coming up with their clothesline technique to demolish an advancing horde of walkers - a one-stop-shopping mass-killing technique that's bloody, batshit and brilliant. Go away. Being all rude to Morgan. Bye.

Morgan, asked by Ezekiel what he thought, told him: 'People will die.

With all this talk that Jesus could be the one to save us from devilish Negan, how could we not mention that the guy is called Jesus?

Rick and the group return to Alexandria just ahead of the Saviors, but the problems continue to arise.

Daryl initially declines, but Rick persuades him to stay behind, hoping he can persuade Ezekiel to change his mind.

Yes, that is right, Rick Grimes is back and ready to fight! Rick and Team Family then leave poor Daryl behind. Rosita redeems herself in the end. And of course, a herd is on its way. I don't know if that gauge of metal wire would have cut them in half like soft butter, as portrayed, but it still looked pretty cool. What they pulled off was ridiculous. I got to look in my rear-view mirror to make sure I'm not being followed home.

But that didn't mean that Ezekiel was not sympathetic to their cause, so he offered amnesty to Daryl in case the Saviors came looking for him at Alexandria on The Walking Dead. No thanks to Morgan, who maintains his perspective that it's better not to kill if they don't have to. But how did Gabriel know about said boat, as Rick and Aaron were the only two in town who knew it existed? Rick (Andrew Lincoln) and the group are led to a new community where they are introduced to its inhabitants and ruler. Somehow, this wonderful string of events doesn't lead to Rick to smile.

According to her, Rick will be a lot smarter when dealing with Negan but he will not have everyone by his side. Is he getting closer to taking down that son of a bitch?