Protesters block DeVos as she tries to enter a DC public school


If you're shopping for portents of what Betsy DeVos' tenure in government will entail, you won't do much better than this: On Friday morning, the USA secretary of education tried to enter a D.C. public middle school through the back door.

At least two protesters blocked DeVos' entrance to the Jefferson Middle School Academy in Washington, slightly more than one kilometer from her new office at the U.S. Department of Education. With the number of students of color only increasing in our nation's public schools, it is even more critical that we address the barriers preventing them from receiving the best education possible.

In a statement issued later that afternoon, Devos said while she respect peaceful protests, she "will not be deterred in executing the vital mission of the department of education".

Other videos posted by WJLA showed police clashing with protesters who tried to stand in front of the vehicle carrying Mrs. DeVos.

DeVos, a philanthropist and a former chairwoman of the Michigan Republican Party, is an avowed advocate of school voucher programs and charter schools.

She was eventually able to enter the school where she reportedly met with teachers union officials.

Well, just remove our public school constraints and see how we can fly when given the freedom to teach, innovate and inspire. "Shame!" as DeVos got into a vehicle.

Another protestor, chasing DeVos and a man who appeared to be her security aide, said, "She's giving money to senators and buying her way into positions - you should be so proud of yourself!". And if people are pretty serious about running for school board, according to Great!Schools, it is important for them to have a head start and get familiar with the local school board by attending public meetings held in their area. The Senate historian said Pence's vote was the first by a vice president to break a 50-50 tie on a Cabinet nomination.

Accountability across all types of public schools ensures that the zip code that a child lives in does not determine their educational success. The usual screeching told us she had all kinds of faults that disqualified her. "I have a feeling she's showing up here to take photos with brown and black students and leave", the teacher said. "Having a dedicated school choice activist as USA education secretary does not alter the reality choices are properly made in communities and homes, not in Washington, DC". And it's perfectly acceptable if I send mine to public school.

Few Cabinet nominees have such a built-in and well-organized opposition, said Frederick Hess, a DeVos supporter with the American Enterprise Institute.