Staunton community rallies to support Planned Parenthood

Women's essential health services under threat | Letter

A counter-protest in support of Planned Parenthood is scheduled in Old Town Square from 1:30-3:30 p.m.

"Every person that loves Planned Parenthood and supports Planned Parenthood is a precious life also and we love them".

Police said both protests ended peacefully and no injuries or incidents were reported.

Over 200 rallies were organized across the country.

Cathy Prey of Oglesby and her sister, Christine Snyder of Ottawa, were among the group showing support for Planned Parenthood.

Stay tuned for a more thorough rundown of today's Planned Parenthood events tomorrow.

Supporters, meanwhile, were quick to point out that the organization does a lot more than perform abortions. "I feel Planned Parenthood provides a vital resource for women, vital services".

"Women are being treated like second-class citizens, which is reprehensible", Correll said.

"I think Planned Parenthood misrepresents the portion of its business that is abortions", Naegele said.

The federal government is not allowed to use taxpayer funds for abortion except in cases of rape, incest or to save a mother's life.

Two Saturday protests focused on Planned Parenthood and abortion services were planned in Fort Collins. "So, we want our tax dollars to go to places that actually care about women", Steensland said. The group says it wants the funding reallocated to health centers that help disadvantaged women without destroying human life through abortion. "To be a help to those who are helpless and to defend innocent from needless violence and provide solutions for the situations and systems that give rise to that", said Smith.

Sondra DeLorenzo is pro-life, but has a personal history with Planned Parenthood. "After I got out of the service and I didn't have any money, I went to Planned Parenthood".

"Who's more helpless. than unborn children", Guy Amisano, Jr., of Elmira, rhetorically asked.