Pence: DeVos the 'easiest vote I ever cast'

When Will Betsy De Vos Be Confirmed? Senate Democrats Are Putting Up A Fight    


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Two Republican Senators, Susan Collins of ME and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska joined 46 Democrats and two Democrat-caucusing Independents, in an effort to scupper DeVos confirmation. Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, have said they will break from their party's stand to vote against DeVos.

The Senate confirmed DeVos by a thin margin, with Vice President Mike Pence breaking a tie in her favor.

It went on to say that DeVos did not have any experience in public education at any level, did not possess a degree in any educational field, had never attended a public school and had never sent her children to a public school. Before the confirmation, protests erupted in cities across the country against DeVos. Republicans hold 52 seats in the chamber, but two moderate GOP senators voted against DeVos amid a flurry of constituent complaints, forcing the move.

"People contribute to Senator Rubio's campaign because they support his agenda".

Her family has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to groups that promote "conversion therapy" for gay people.

Trump didn't know what DeVos was nominated for. In his floor remarks on Monday, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called DeVos "the least-qualified nominee in a historically unqualified Cabinet", and asked Republicans to "look into their conscience" before casting their votes Tuesday. "Our state, our students and our educators will be represented well", said Indiana Superintendent of Public Education Jennifer McCormick.

DeVos has been one of the most controversial picks for President Donald Trump's cabinet. "I simply can not support her confirmation", Collins said on the Senate floor last week.

On January 17, DeVos made headlines after she bungled her Senate nomination hearing when she admitted to knowing very little about the education system, including the difference between "growth" and "aptitude".

"I just hope she gets out in the field and gets to see the good work that public schools are doing and isn't just looking at education through a filter of school choice", Mr. Feinberg said.