One-Third Don't Know Obamacare and Affordable Care Act Are the Same

Obamacare enrollment slowed before deadline

The threat of a repeal is also causing, she said, uncertainty for health care providers, who may decide to hold off on investments in innovations now funded by the Affordable Care Act.

"I would note for the record, there have been multiple pieces of legislation since Obamacare was enacted that have received Democrat and Republican votes, and actually signed by the President to repeal problems in Obamacare", said Rep. Greg Walden (R., Ore.), who chairs the committee. He said that the White House assured him they were still supportive of repealing and replacing the ACA as soon as possible. "Repair any issues - don't repeal". At a party retreat last month, Republicans still seemed uncertain exactly how and when they would proceed. That day, I talked to a woman who said how the Children's Health Insurance Program was essential in maintaining her sister's life for a year.

Conservatives, however, are pushing back.

Baldwin said that Republicans are "organizing to take people's health care away". "One of the reasons of the rise of Donald Trump is because so many conservatives, so many Republicans, said they had been betrayed by their leaders".

Thank you for addressing this issue of great importance to 30 million Americans who now buy their insurance on the individual market.

They insisted that adds imperative to the repeal push. I remember one young woman, who could easily have been a classmate or neighbor of mine. For example, only 61% of responders understood that they would lose subsidies to help pay for coverage based on income or Medicaid expansion coverage.

Duncan said that he would rather do one-on-one meetings, which he believes are "more polite and civil". We're proud of this commitment to caring for all of our communities here in the Garden State, but it comes with a steep cost.

The Affordable Care Act plays an important role in providing access to healthcare, especially in Kern County, where as many as 70,000 people are covered by the act.

But the conservatives rejected that characterization. Another provision of the ACA that makes my insurance affordable, as an older working American, is the regulation that sets maximum premiums at three times the lowest premium.

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