Trump's attorney-general survives race controversy to seal confirmation


"He's too anxious about national politics, when he's screwing up here in the state of CT".

All week the adverts have been flashing thick and fast across television screens, urging people to lobby their Senate representatives to vote for - or against, depending on your political persuasion - Betsy DeVos as education secretary.

But in 2015, Bateman saw Democrats rout one incumbent Republican Assembly member and came within 300 votes of knocking out the other incumbent, Jack Ciattarelli of Hillsborough, who is now running for governor.

Only George W Bush, who like Mr Trump won the presidency without securing a plurality of the popular vote, had his full team in place within weeks of his inauguration, following John Ashcroft's confirmation as attorney general on 30 January. While 56 percent of Democrat voters want their party to pursue obstruction, majorities of most other major demographics want Democrats to cooperate with the new president and Republican-controlled Congress, including women, independent voters, all income and nearly all age demos, urban voters, and even government employees.

Gorsuch met with Schumer on Tuesday in his first attempt to woo the minority leader. That would most likely get timed to stall the budget process this fall, when political action groups start preparing for the midterm primaries in the spring of 2018.

Democrats reacted with fury, accusing Republicans of "silencing" Warren, with a number of Democratic senators continuing to protest against Sessions's nomination after their colleague was forced to sit down. But then, that's what they thought in 2016. They were ready to work with Trump, they said, if he met them halfway.

In trying to rally ourselves to prevent these catastrophic possibilities from becoming reality, many of us have found it useful to visualize the opposite: success. But Bateman said he was not anxious that by voting to condemn Trump he might be putting himself at risk of angering his Republican voters in the 16th Legislative District. It's proof that they're serious about restoring the balance of powers between the three branches of government and Democrats aren't. Their power is now limited to pockets of popular support in urban Charleston and Columbia, as well as a few dozen State House seats in dirt poor rural regions of the state specifically carved out for them via the redistricting process. Voters could have nominated a traditional party candidate - say, Jeb Bush, Scott Walker, or Rick Perry. While we should and do welcome friendship from President Trump, and look forward to working with him to strengthen the American-Israeli relationship, there are dangers in this perception. Most important, resistance is not obstruction. "There are plenty of Republicans who are as skeptical of him as Democrats". They only picked up two and ended up shut out in the Republican return to single-party control. They stuck to their progressive agenda long after it became apparent that voters outside of their urban and coastal cores didn't share those priorities. Right political agenda and is fully dedicated to using the Alt. And that is simply untrue. McConnell can continue to work the system with his party alone.

Voters want an end to ideological battles.

Democrats are unlikely to take back the Senate in 2018, but they won't have the White House for least four years.

A federal appeals court is set to hear arguments on Trump's travel ban Tuesday evening, with the administration arguing its needed for national security and critics arguing it must be blocked for the same reason. Democrats conceded their ultimate goal of a public healthcare option - a major concession to Republicans.

But Democrats defended their approach.