Google Launches Android Wear 2.0

Google Launches Android Wear 2.0

Android Wear 2.0 also brings a redesigned user interface. Here's the Android Wear 2.0 release date and new features following its announcement on 8 February. This is, in turn, a boost to the stagnant smartwatch industry and for the users who were waiting for an update. The updated operating system was first previewed past year during Google's annual I/O conference, but its release was delayed multiple times since then. See how to update Android Wear manually.

Both the smartwatches are beefed up with features such as Android Pay, LTE connections, and improved Google Assistant.

You can now customize the watch face to display up to eight different information in the circular display.

Check out the video at the top of the page for an in-depth preview of Android Wear 2.0. Some insiders have even regarded this step as an effort by Google to stand tall against its most relevant rival Apple, which has also managed to claim much attention with its Apple Watch. With Android Wear 2.0, Google has strived to narrow down steps as much as possible. However, the watch is said to be more comfortable and elegant to wear because of its physical appearance that resembles the Huawei and Motorola smartwatches from three years ago. But they don't have the Nexus branding that you'd expect for such devices. Say "Okay Google" or hold down the power button and you can check the weather report, reminders, navigate to work or update a shopping list.

Another game changer, with Android Wear 2.0 is the Android Pay integration.

Apple's Watch may be the best-sold wearable out there, but Google hasn't given up on its smartwatch platform. The major thing that makes the keyboard on Android Wear 2.0 significant is that you no longer need to swipe across a Qwerty layout screen to type a message. Several Android Wear 2.0 apps will still need corresponding Android phone app support as well. Apps can also receive push messages via Google Cloud Messaging. Several improvements have also been made on the Fit app, and it now is more intuitive and intelligent.

Android Wear 1.0 was a bit complicated and most of the operations that you wanted to perform seemed more complex than they should be.

Unlocking the bootloader on your phone could lead to void of warranty, but that depends on the smartphone manufacturer or the carrier. Apparently, the Android Pay app won't allow you to add your card data due to security reasons. Although, only a limited number of transactions can be carried out offline via Android Pay. However, there are only a specified (cap limit not known) limit of offline transaction allowed on Android Pay. The everyday LG Watch Style looks to be a smartwatch that has a tasteful appearance that should work on the wrists of office workers and tech enthusiasts alike.

Google has finally launched its Android Wear 2.0 OS on Wednesday, bring a line of updates on board.

According to Gadgets NDTV, it is reported that Verizon also announced its own smartwatch running on Android Wear 2.0 OS. A leather exchangeable strap and a 1.2-inch display with a thinner body give it a more pleasing appearance. The LG Watch Sport features a photoplethsmogram (PPG) sensor to accurately track the wearer's heart rate during both rest and exercise.