Sanctions and military raid follow travel ban by executive order

An Osprey helicopter had to be destroyed during the raid on Yemen. US Air Force

Making good on his campaign promise to ban Muslims from entering the US, President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Friday entitled "Protection of the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States" banning admission of refugees from seven predominantly Muslim countries: Iraq, Syria, Iran, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, and Somalia. "A tweet by Trump said", everyone argues on this decision to restrict people to enter the U.S. Ask them what you want, but it's hard to keep people out of the USA". We further request the U.S. Congress and Senate to take immediate action to freeze the multiplier effect caused by the hasty implementation of this executive order.

Finally, the ban empowers and emboldens the fringe extremists and bigots in this country who are the ones most likely to kill Americans, i.e., Timothy McVeigh, Dylan Roof, and Cliven and Ammon Bundy. Is this a fair assessment?

But who can argue with his stated goal to keep Americans safe by keeping these dangers out? The New York Taxi Workers Alliance has many Muslim employees and directed all 19,000 drivers to go on a one-hour strike in protest of the executive order. We call for our own political leadership and representatives to stand up against this ban. He signed an executive order that prohibits any refugees from Syria coming to America indefinitely, and all refugees from any part of the world (regardless of how ravaged their lives have been and how extensively they have been vetted) for 120 days. I immediately anxious this could be perceived as saying Christians in the region will be given special treatment for no reason other than their faith. The Statue of Liberty in the NY harbor remains a beacon for those oppressed, but the injunction to "Give me your exhausted, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free" rings hollow with Trump's new policy. Sadly, Trump came out and did the precise opposite. Moreover, Trump has not actually banned immigration from any country. On the other hand, only 43 percent have opposed the ban. To give some idea, and based on the most recent government data available from fiscal year (FY) 2015, the United States government admitted 89,387 immigrants from the seven Muslim majority countries covered by the ban.

The world remains shocked that the President of the most powerful country of the world, built upon values of liberal democracy is attacking the weak and vulnerable. Just because a law, or in this case, an executive action, does not target all members of a group, does not make it fair nor does it take away from its discriminatory nature.

The most interesting aspect of the immigration ban debate, for me, has been the fact that millions of Americans - conservatives, Republicans, Trump supporters? - consider it a positive development. But read between the lines, and it tells a different tale. On Monday, the President tweeted that 109 people had been detained over the weekend.

Foreign tourists provide critical support to the USA economy.

"I'm half Turkish and half French" would be a typical response even though the person's ancestors may have come to the country in the early 19th century.