Fire Emblem Heroes Now Available: Gameplay & What To Expect


Nintendo plans to follow the December release of Super Mario Run with an Android version in March, and its next title Fire Emblem Heroes will arrive for both Android and iOS tomorrow. North America got its first official look at the series in 2003, with Fire Emblem for the Game Boy Advance. Available today on App Store and Google Play, this application is free to download and offers some optional in-app purchases.

On top of that, you will be needing constant internet connection in order to play Fire Emblem: Heroes, so data charges may apply if you don't use Wi-Fi while playing it.

Orbs are the points where the "Fire Emblem Heroes" monetize.

Unlike the Mario franchise, the Fire Emblem series is one of Nintendo's lesser known game series.

Here are various walkthroughs that will help take you through the more complicated aspects of Fire Emblem Heroes. Check out the official Fire Emblem Heroes trailer below. What we don't know is the exact time that it will hit the app stores in the US. The focus of the game is to train your characters, form a team to take into battle by picking heroes from those and progress through the story.

Fans are now clamoring for more details regarding the new mobile game. According to Destructoid, the game has a stamina feature that will lock players from going on any further missions once they use up the meter. And it became clear that while Nintendo had certainly optimised the moment to moment gameplay of a touch-based side scrolling game, it still hadn't been able to truly unmask the overarching structures of a mobile title.

Nintendo recently revealed its financial earning for 2016 and discussed that Super Mario Run had been downloaded 78 million times. Is it just like the other games? The familiar weapon triangle battle mechanics (think Rock, Paper, Scissors) is here as well, so it should be easy to jump right back into the action.

Even though $10 is likely what you pay for lunch most days, it's a lot to ask for a smartphone game - the most popular smartphone games, with few exceptions ("Minecraft"), cost a whopping zero dollars.