The Bachelor Season 21 episode 6 spoilers: Jasmine makes a shocking confession


"I'm going to rebuke that thing in the name of Jesus", Raven says. (Though personally I'd substitute Raven or Alexis for Danielle.) This seems to suggest that despite the story that has been presented so far on the show, Nick really is looking for a wife. Whatever it is, you won't want to miss it!

Known for her aggressive flirting and mean girl tricks, the Florida born business owner seems to have had instant chemistry with Bachelor Nick Viall. After this disaster, Nick is bewildered but continues with another two-on-one date with two women about whom he has been optimistic, hoping for reassurance that love is in his future.

In the end and in a shocking twist, Nick sends Taylor home, and this season's "villain" lives to stay another week.

We're headed down South, woooo! Corinne puts Taylor on the defensive by telling her that she's mean and none of the other women like her.

Heavy also reported that the next round of girls to go home might include three contestants. Taylor, the 23-year-old Johns Hopkins graduate (MS in Clinical Mental Health Counseling, 2016) says she helps people help themselves "because what I don't do is give people advice". It is a proud tradition of this franchise to parachute into an American city or foreign country and commandeer the local culture for use in a horrifying segment of this bad show.

Rachel speaks well, she's clearly a family girl, she's successful and she's intelligent. By night's end, she'd scored a rose. "This may be a little bit more of a challenge for me today". It is. In theaters next month. When Nick and the women sat with a conveniently-placed Ouija board, they discovered that May was in the house.and all hell broke loose. Corinne knows that her behavior is out-of-line, and she's playing up the "sexy child" angle on goal. The two ladies will apparently get into another intense argument before the rose ceremony takes place in Wisconsin.

"I am going to take the high road", Taylor says with much 'stank face on her face'.

For the one-on-one date, Nick chooses Rache, who we last saw receiving the first impression rose on the first night of our journey. An unprecedented turn of events leaves Nick in tears and the remaining bachelorettes heart broken.

Maybe Nick has picked up on the possibility of massive steaks in the future (he hasn't, he just wants to hook up with her but we'll go with this) because unsurprisingly, despite her lunacy, Corinne gets the group date rose and Taylor is left stranded at the table in the woods.

Nick Viall might already have chosen Corinne Olympios and not Vanessa Grimaldi as the victor of "The Bachelor" Season 21.

Then it was off to New Orleans for another week of dates, which had a one-on-one date for Rachel and then a group date on a haunted plantation.