Local impact of repealing ACA remains to be seen

Save My Care is a national bus tour sponsored by proponents of the Affordable Care Act

Now that he is in the White House, Republicans have already begun repealing the health care law and crafting a replacement while working on Trump's other campaign promises.

This is what the opponents of the Affordable Care Act seem to overlook: it achieved universal health care. It's possible the DOJ might use the executive order as "cover" should it stop participating in the cases, but it doesn't need to, he said. Premiums are too high, even with subsidies, prescription drug prices haven't gone down and not enough healthy people signed up for it because they were confused by the process and didn't understand the value of what they'd be getting, he said. This leaves Trump and his administration to decide on a replacement to follow the removal of Obamacare. The biggest, most profound difference we can make in the lives of Californians is to ensure that all of us have quality, affordable lets take that step-its as simple as reintroducing SB 810, which our legislators can easily do. His morally bankrupt and extremist partisan allies Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are moving to ruthlessly implement a full repeal of the Affordable Care Act through Congress. "We just don't know what the changes are going to be", he said.

"Every American deserves coverage, and open enrollment is the best opportunity people have to get coverage that gives them access to high-quality care", said Kristine Grow, spokeswoman for America's Health Insurance Plans, the industry's main lobbying group. Insurers interviewed for the report said they would consider leaving the marketplaces in 2018 if the individual mandate - the part of the law that requires all Americans to have health insurance - is repealed without a replacement.

Enrollment will still be available after January 31 for people eligible for Medicaid, and anyone experiencing life-changes such as having a baby or getting married.

As open enrollment in the individual marketplace for Obamacare comes to a close on Tuesday, local officials say almost 1.8 million people in Florida have signed up.

Eight in 10 Americans believe we should significantly change or repeal Obamacare. Why? That was 286,000 more than the comparable time a year ago. The number of veterans seeking care at the VA will nearly certainly increase, Farmer says - and just as the agency is no longer able to hire more medical professionals.

8th District voters rallied outside of Congressman Mike Bishop's office in Brighton this afternoon in show of support of the Affordable Care Act.

Three million of the uninsured are in households with incomes exceeding 400% of the federal poverty line.

There's one other Obamacare issue that's key for former service members.

Republican lawmakers have said they want to "repeal and replace" Obamacare, but have not reached an agreement on a replacement. I also had medical bills in 2014 in excess of the deductible, so I paid an additional $4,050 before insurance coverage. The share of non-elderly veterans who were uninsured slid 42% between 2013 and 2015, according to a report from the left-leaning Urban Institute. Cleckler said. "We've benefited from some federal funding due to increases of medicare and medicaid, but also I think we've benefited from increased volume because people now don't have as much of a barrier to accessing health care because of the cost or because of the lack of insurance".