Watch President Trump And British Prime Minister May In Joint Press Conference

Donald Trump and Theresa May will discuss issues including trade at White House talks on Friday

The Scotsman reports that the USA president has given his strong backing for Brexit, telling Theresa May that "a free and independent Britain" would be "a blessing for the world".

In contrast to the red carpet treatment being granted to the UK PM, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande will have to make do with a phone call with Trump tomorrow.

"That would be a tremendous asset", says President Trump.

Off-camera there were other subtle signs of bonds between the two leaders.

His only press conference after winning the election and before taking office was dominated by questions about alleged Russian interference in USA politics - and Trump's gripes with individual reporters. In two separate documents, including the schedule for a "bilateral meeting" in the Oval Office and a "working luncheon", the prime minister's first name was spelled Teresa, missing the letter "h". A trade deal with the U.S., Britain's biggest export market, is a major prize.

Mr Trump said he would also defer to retired general and Defence Secretary James Mattis on whether he would reinstate the use of waterboarding as an interrogation technique.

"Getting the approvals from Europe was very, very tough", he said.

The UK also refuses to provide intelligence to countries if it believes it will lead to torture being used.

He also said having a "great relationship" with countries like Russian Federation and China "would be a positive, not a negative". And it's also possible that we don't.

"I happen to feel that it does work". The British Prime Minister highlighted that the United Kingdom companies had invested in every U.S. state.

"Mr. President, you've said before that torture works". "I will be representing the American people very, very strongly". "Because you have been known in the past to change your position on things".

Asked whether the PM would rule out accepting United States intelligence which had been gleaned from torture, he replied that: "I'm not going to go into debate about security services and how they work". The Mexican president cancelled a meeting with Mr Trump over the spat.

"I don't necessarily agree", said the United States president before adding: "He will override [ME] because I am giving him the power". Did he forget that May voted "Remain" not "Leave"?

May concluded the press conference by insisting her political outlook is similar to Trump's.

She described the Iran nuclear deal - which the US President has threatened to tear up - as "vitally important for regional security" and sought to ease fears that China will eclipse the West on the global stage. "That's the point of a dialogue", she said.

"People are fascinated to know how you're going to get on with each other. have you found anything in common personally yet?" he asked Trump and May. "I think we both share that".