'We Are Going to Help' Christian Refugees


US President Donald Trump on Friday signed an executive order that would effectively ban immigrants from entering the country.

"This will probably all change in a week, it may change even by tomorrow, so the biggest thing is don't overreact", Broyles said.

Trump did not name a reason or offer any evidence about why the agencies that vet refugees, including the Department of Homeland Security and the State Department, would have prioritized Muslim refugees over Christians.

Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Among many other things, we will build the wall!', the president tweeted on Tuesday night.

Stephen Legomsky, who was chief counsel at US Citizenship and Immigration Services in the Obama administration, said the president had the authority to limit refugee admissions and the issuance of visas to specific countries if the administration determined it was in the public's interest. "We, as attorneys, are foot soldiers of the American Constitution and took an oath to protect all from being targeted by the government due to their faith", said lawyer Shereef Akeel, who is also co-counsel on the lawsuit.

The order directs Defense Secretary James Mattis to coordinate with his counterpart at the State Department, expected to be Rex Tillerson, who is pending Senate confirmation.

Drake said the agency was notified that the Syrian family was coming on January 13, and went ahead to secure for an apartment for them to rent in a duplex in Cleveland where another Syrian refuge family already lives.

Eventually, refugee status will be granted to Syrians, but first priority will go to those who faced religious persecution, Sputnik reported.

Civil rights and Muslim groups were quick to denounce Trump's executive order.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Associated Press obtained a draft of an executive order that would stop the United States from accepting Syrian refugees in the immediate future.

Given this statement by Trump, Kheyre wondered why Saudi Arabia was not on the list of seven countries reportedly facing a visa-ban, as most of the 9/11 hijackers were citizens of the Gulf Arab country.

"We take seriously our responsibility to safeguard the American public while remaining committed to assisting the world's most vulnerable people", he said.

During this time, Trump has ordered senior staff to conduct a review of security procedures for migrants, visitors and refugees with a view to imposing "extreme vetting" on future applicants.