Wisconsinites arrive in D.C. to walk in March for Life

Despite having little evidence to back his claims US President Donald Trump is ordering an investigation into voter fraud

Yet, if you look at the state of our world today-the general disregard so many have for human life, the angry, rhetorical arguments in support of abortion, Planned Parenthood funding, even within the pro-life movement itself as we consider the work of groups like And Then There Were None (ATTWN) and the conversion of abortionists and clinic workers, that lofty number seems all the more palpable. Will Congress vote its claimed values and reinvest in health care that sustains life for women and unborn babies? The crowds were large, but you will have a large crowd on Friday, too, which is mostly pro-life people.

A bus from Oneonta and another from Norwich will take some area residents to join the rally, march and other activities, organizers said.

Pence has told various media outlets that he and Trump are both advocates for the cause, saying the president "will be their champion".

In 2013, Assoc Prof Tan Seow Hon, who teaches law at Singapore Management University and contributes to Trinity Theological College publications, said it was time to review abortion laws as earlier reasons to control the population were considered to be backward.

Data for the 2017 March for Life is not yet available, but from all accounts, the media hasn't changed their ways.

Even pop culture and late night TV are straying from the pro-abortion script.

One of the five administrators of the group, Mr Andy Wee, is an instructor with Natural Family Planning, an affiliate of the Family Life Society.

Texas-based New Wave Feminists was initially accepted as a march sponsor, then rejected; its members still marched in Washington.

The alliance may get its wish this year, given the high-level support from the Trump administration and growing public awareness of media bias. She said the Pregnancy Center supports educating pregnant women about all of their options while providing a listening ear and support.

And as he has in years past, Bartchak plans to attend the March for Life, traveling by bus with individuals from parishes in the diocese.

That distinguished him further from Democrat Hillary Clinton - who campaigned past year for repeal of the Hyde Amendment - making the general election choice clear for single-issue voters, despite the "negatives" and "moral issues" Trump presented, as one marcher put it.

The 44th annual March for Life will begin with a gathering at 11:45 a.m. Friday before the rally at noon, according to the organization's website.

"They say the press doesn't cover them", Trump said.

This is different than the previous two times he visited, Mohr said, where they were met with indifference.

The theme for this year's March for Life is "The Power of One", symbolized by a small candle dispelling the darkness. Organizers hold a Dallas march every year because the county courthouse there is where lawyers Sarah Weddington and Linda Coffee filed the lawsuit on behalf of Norma McCorvey challenging the state's criminal statutes banning doctors from performing abortions with the exception for the life of the mother.

Pence's appearance will mark the first time a sitting vice president has addressed the march, noted Christopher O'Brien, vice president and legislative liaison for Connecticut Right to Life.

JOY BEHAR: We're all for life. And by these anti-choice policies what they'll end up doing is punishing women.

For some of the youths, this may be their only chance to see Washington, D.C. Marchers went around the U.S. Capitol to Independence Avenue and on to the National Mall, where later in the day they heard a lineup of celebrity and other speakers, who included singer Madonna and actresses Scarlett Johansson and Ashley Judd.

A check on the Family Life Society's 2015 annual report revealed the charity receives grants from the government as well as Caritas Singapore Community Council Limited, the official social and community arm of the Catholic Church of Singapore. It doesn't mean that we're going to get everything that we want, of course not. "We are excited and hopeful about the mood of the country".