Annette Thompson Meeks: As education secretary, DeVos would put kids before unions


It is why they stood shoulder to shoulder with parents and reform-minded Democrats and Republicans in dozens of states to expand school choice - because competition is beneficial for our children.

"We are asking supporters and members to call and urge every Senator to oppose her confirmation", the NAACP said in its statement. The state also has a program allowing qualifying children, in some cases, to receive scholarships to attend private schools. And the students he would expect to suffer would be high-need, high-cost students who remain in public schools with fewer resources to teach them.

"I'm glad that we had a lively discussion with Betsy DeVos about her vision for the Department of Education", said Senator Burr, "Her commitment to improving education and expanding opportunity for our students is unmatched". These options have been proven to be ineffective for students, families, communities and taxpayers.

In particular, Spearman, a former teacher and assistant principal, said she found DeVos' seeming confusion on federal special education laws "disturbing".

On Jan. 16, a U.S Senate committee (including Washington Senator Patty Murray) conducted the confirmation hearing of Secretary of Education nominee, MI billionaire and conservative activist Betsy DeVos.

Not all of those advocates were satisfied with DeVos's letter to Isakson.

"This commitment goes beyond k-12 because the federal government, in general, and the department of education specifically, has an important role to play in supporting, protecting, and investing in all of our students", said Murray.

"I know Betsy DeVos because she came to OH and stood shoulder to shoulder with me and other parents of children with special needs to fight for access to better schools. There are many questions to be answered in that situation", he said. "Madame President, if Mrs. DeVos doesn't even know how to measure success, how can she be expected to achieve it?" School choice, vouchers and privatization schemes are her only solutions.

Plus, this week is "National School Choice Week", a campaign whose mission is to promote private school vouchers, which give private schools - not parents or students - a real choice. To President Donald Trump, these titles were enough to pick the Michigan Republican mega-donor for US secretary of Education. If you are terrified right now, I can tell you that you are not alone.

"Anyone who is espousing the views that Betsy DeVos espouses really doesn't have any credibility when it comes to public education", says Allen.

"I do not believe that Betsy DeVos is qualified and her beliefs and leadership will have devastating results", Elisabeth Hakanson of Sarasota, California, wrote.

If President Trump wants to "make America great again", shouldn't he start by nominating someone who believes in the promise of all students? Scott said that her parents mortgaged everything they had in order to run a small auto parts business. It's still unclear when the vote on DeVos will take place, King said.

What makes this move even more alarming is the fact that she supports using government funds to fund religious schools.