Hundreds march in Saskatoon to support Women's March on Washington

Hundreds march in Saskatoon to support Women's March on Washington

What started as a Facebook post by a Hawaii retiree became a historic global rebuke of a new president that packed cities large and small - from Des Moines to Detroit, London to Los Angeles, and Paris to Park City, Utah.

In Chicago, police informed marchers that the march had been changed to a rally due to the size of the crowd.

Almost 200 protesters gathered outside of the USA embassy in Manila a burned a US flag with Trump's face and shouted "Dump Trump".

The 64-year-old retired medical secretary from Bedford, Pennsylvania, carried two signs. Scores of men joined the protest Saturday, including local father John Delgado. Later in the day, the LGBT community staged a march along tree-lined Reforma Avenue, headed to downtown Mexico City.

Women's right to vote wasn't secured until seven years later, in 1920, when the Nineteenth Amendment was passed.

As women in pink "pussyhats" flooded into metro stations overflowed as trains packed to bursting moved cheering, clapping marchers into the city for a record-breaking inauguration-related protest. "We have the backs of those who are less fortunate - who may be struggling for health care, for environmental rights, for racial equality, for a fair wage, for justice".

Oh, and they're also marching because Trump's such a jackass that he's united the world around one topic-utter disdain for Donald Trump.

"Yesterday was their day; today is ours", said Kim Crawford of Clinton, Md. "The only good thing is that he has emboldened us to get busy", she said.

Marchers in Saskatoon said they wanted to show they will not tolerate discrimination and that they support anyone targeted by hatred in Canada and overseas. The march is not explicitly anti-Trump.

"I just really want to take part in history", she said.

"We're not here against Trump, but we're not here for him either", one of the sign-holders said. "But I'm also pretty hopeful". We are talented women. "How can anyone not understand that?" It's obvious by looking at the inaugural turnout. Oh.

More than 470,000 people had utilized Washington's mass transit system as of 1 p.m. Saturday, according to the Washington Post, setting a new record with respect to weekend ridership in addition to shattering statistics from the day before during Mr. Trump's swearing-in.

Madonna always stands by the words of her classic hit "Express Yourself". In Los Angeles, the estimate is anywhere from 200,000-750,000.

"This protest is in solidarity with the American people, because their incoming president is a fascist and a racist who is against immigrants", Renato Reyes Jr. of militant group Bagong Alyansang Makabayan said.

Outside on the streets of Washington, feminist leader Gloria Steinem described the worldwide mobilization as "the upside of the downside: This is an outpouring of energy and democracy like I have never seen in my very long life". During the speech, the "Holiday" singer dropped three f-bombs, after which CNN and MSNBC cut away. Cher appeared, as did former U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry, who waved to supporters as he walked his yellow, Labra.

Actress America Ferrera says "every single one of us" is under attack by President Donald Trump.