Ron DeSantis joins call to move American Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

Donald Trump at a press conference in New York

One is moving the USA embassy to Jerusalem and we believe this will lead to other embassies being moved to Jerusalem. Additionally, relinquishing territory would require Israel to uproot its settlements on the West Bank, along with their inhabitants and established businesses. "Transferring the embassy means cancelling the rights of Muslims and Christians in this blessed and holy city", it added.

"Ministers will discuss the way forward to achieve a just and lasting peace, and the EU's objective of a two-state solution, " the EU Council said.

Avraham Nir-Feldklein, deputy chief of the Israeli Embassy in Berlin, said in a statement shared on Israel's Facebook page that Israelis were moved and thankful for the support from both the government and people of Berlin.

Graham's statement contradicts the conclusions of a Brookings Institution poll, which found almost two-thirds of Americans favor United Nations resolutions demanding a halt to settlements and that a majority of self-identified Democrats support some form of sanctions towards Israel to bring about peace. The Oslo Accords signed by Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) in the early 1990's specified that control of Jerusalem be determined only after the two sides reach a the final peace agreement.

After a tumultuous relationship between outgoing U.S. President Barack Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, speculation has mounted as to how Trump's presidency will impact the relationship between the two longtime allies.

Abbas called for direct negotiations with Israel after a freeze in settlement building.

In recent years, Netanyahu has professed to believe in a two-state solution and hold peace talks anytime anywhere, without preconditions. How does McCully intend to ensure access to Jewish holy sites for Jews?

In a speech following her abstention, Samantha Power, the USA ambassador to the United Nations, said US presidents of both parties have opposed Israeli colonization for five decades. Tensions with the U.S could undermine their military alliance, including the fight against Islamic State extremists in neighboring Syria and Iraq.

The Security Council resolution makes the ahistorical claim that Israel has no legal right to any of the land it acquired in the War of 1967, not even East Jerusalem.

They have been less outspoken. Obama said January 10 that his administration would veto any resolution that predetermined the outcome of Israeli-Palestinian peace talks. The U.S. UNSCR vote was an abstention, not an affirmative vote. Incoming President Donald Trump has made clear he does not plan to force agreements on us. Unlike the others, he has since signaled that he is serious about it. Adviser Kellyanne Conway has said that moving the embassy is a "very big priority" for Trump. Trump's designated ambassador to Israel, David Friedman, backs an embassy move.

Le Foll said US Secretary of State John Kerry would also attend the talks.

France expects 72 countries and several global organizations to attend the conference, set to start on Sunday.

For now, they hope to generate global pressure on Trump.

Abbas wrote to Trump and world leaders Monday, warning of the dangers of an embassy move.

Considering these facts, the Paris meeting will conclude with a statement. Much of Jerusalem it declares as not legitimately Israel. Only a spectacularly successful military campaign saved the country - and unexpectedly doubled its size, creating the issues of the territories and the settlements.

As a protest against such a move, Shtayyeh called for prayers at mosques throughout the Middle East Friday as well as for churches to ring bells in protest Sunday.