Donegal Sinn Féin to hold meeting in wake of McGuinness resignation

Northern Ireland’s run at the Euros was a high point of 2016

Naomi Long, who is a Christian, has been speaking after the deputy first minister announced his resignation - signalling the end of the power-sharing government.

Although, to secure maximum advantage and to discount as much drift as they can it is likely that both Sinn Fein and the DUP will agree on elections as early as possible.

Mrs Foster said: "I am disappointed that Martin McGuinness has chosen to take the position he has today". In addition to a ballot in Northern Ireland, Brexit talks would also coincide with elections in the Netherlands and campaigns for the French presidency and a federal ballot in Germany.

In a press conference in Belfast, Foster - whose DUP is close to the Conservative British government in London - in turn accused Sinn Fein of playing "high-stakes politics with Northern Ireland's stability".

Mr McGuinness's decision to walk away after 10 years of sharing power with the DUP came in response to Mrs Foster's refusal to stand aside to facilitate a probe into the ill-fated RHI - the so-called "cash for ash" scandal.

That's estimated to have left Stormont with a 560 million euro overspend. The structure of their political office means one can not be in post without the other. Sinn Fein abstained from the vote, meaning Foster survived. In Northern Ireland they are already lower than in most of the rest of the UK. A whistleblower previous year alleged that one farmer installed boilers to heat empty barns, which will make him a tidy £1M.

"The public are demanding robust action and accountability but the DUP, in particular Arlene Foster, have refused to accept this".

Opposition parties also criticized the decision by Sinn Féin to pull the plug, saying a new election will delay the inquiry, and their ability to curtail the costs. "I believe it won't wash with the public, who will see it for what..."

Northern Ireland politicians had earned plaudits across the globe for their ability to overcome difference and work together "for the good of the whole community", Brokenshire said.

In recent months, McGuinness repeatedly called on Foster to step aside while lawmakers investigate her alleged mismanagement of a government "green energy" program.

She was the minister responsible for the RHI scheme at its inception.

In practice, this has meant that the two parties with the least in common have dominated successive governments: the Democratic Unionist Party and Sinn Fein.

- Relocating 40 unaccompanied minors from a former Calais migrant camp in France will cost the exchequer €11.5 million in the first year, the paper says, reporting there are concerns that this will have an impact on other services.