Finally The Bachelor Is Featuring a Contestant's Past Same-Sex Relationship

The Bachelor 2017- 30 Women for Nick Viall's Season Revealed

He was dumped in both season finales, and he failed to find love over the summer in "Bachelor in Paradise".

Raven may have won over America with her adorable country accent, but whatever cheer thing she had him do was just odd. Will he do the same thing this time around? It was the season premiere of the new season of "The Bachelor" last night, which is promising to be the most dramatic yet. "This is so awkward", Andi laughed.

Nick tells the contestants that he is not running away from his past and he wants everyone to feel as empowered as possible, and to leave with no regrets. "We're friends", Viall said. She has brought a cold wiener and wants to eat it "Lady and the Tramp" style with Nick because he's a "wiener in my book". And, not surprisingly, some of them weren't too insane about not being set apart from some of the other women.

After handing out over a dozen roses, Nick saves the final stem for Liz.

- Nick 100 percent did not have any idea who she was when she showed up for the limo introduction, and only realized who she was when Chris Harrison - solid dude, Chris - tipped him off later, before everyone went into the house. It goes without saying that she made quite an impression on him.

Fortunately, Liz does get alone time with Nick to explain herself.

Aaaand we're back! Straight out of the gate, four members of my team were featured, which I thought would be a good sign until I realized Corinne is fucking terrible. They even had sex in the Fantasy Suite.

When Nick walked up to Kaitlyn Bristowe with an engagement ring in his pocket, only to be sent home, he was crushed.

Liz arrives and thinks Nick doesn't remember her.

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Nick Viall is opening up about his Bachelor bombshells! They had been talking before the show and had a very strong connection and hooked up during the season.

Here's a look at some of the contestants who made it to next week.

TMZ spoke with a source who claims Corinne is just fine with the label and her parents are equally cool with her reputation on The Bachelor. "I'm a dolphin!" she shot back. There's plenty of action-packed drama this season and regular viewers can look forward to amusing incidents like Viall getting slapped, Jaimi telling him about her ex-girlfriend, Viall becoming the sixth Backstreet Boy...and, most definitely, a romantic proposal at the end! News she was told to do it that way. "I'm really proud of the diversity this year", added Quinn. In his study, Pazda gave 25 different men a photo of a woman in a white or red shirt and the majority of them were said to have graded women on a higher scale if they were wearing red, under the assumption that she would be more interested in sex. "It was hard to do". "How are you going to beat a camel?"