The Electoral College Was Born In Racism. Let's Drop Out


Other candidates received 7,804,213 votes. In a way, it was an accomplishment that the DNC could even put all their eggs in the Hillary basket with all the Hillary and Bill Clinton baggage it was already stuffed with.

The most recent instance was Tuesday, when Trump took aim at Obama and his failed attempts to get Clinton elected. Both groups he targeted with Facebook "dark posts", which are nonpublic paid posts revealed only to selected users.

Clinton made her own credibility bed.

Trump's transition advisers point to his meetings with a handful of Democrats and former foes as evidence of his outreach, including meeting with former Vice President Al Gore on the issue of climate change, and meeting at Trump Tower with Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii), a staunch supporter of Sen.

Democrats also blamed FBI Director James Comey for reopening a public investigation of her email scandal 11 days before the election.

The most obvious example is California, the largest state in the union, which voted for Hillary Clinton by a margin of nearly two to one.

Hillary Clinton wasn't just a bad candidate for the 2016 election. After the votes were read, there was an objection to the vote of one faithless elector in North Carolina. The flaws in Clinton's game in 2008 were still present and clearly evident in 2016. Without that vote, Clinton would have had the election. (Each state's electors equal its number of senators and House members, the latter, of course, being based on population.) "Ditching Electoral College would allow California to impose imperial rule on a colonial America", one conservative publication headlined. But in the part of the map analyzed so far, Clinton did win eight House districts that Obama had lost. Both letters could use some serious fact checking. "So he'll keep talking about the campaign and keep appealing to voters", Noel added. He later did the same to identify potential Clinton voters. Without it, you truly will confirm the thoughts of those that say, "My vote doesn't matter". "Donald Trump lost the popular vote". For all or part of the Electoral College vote to be challenged, an objection must be made after the votes are counted on January 6 in Washington, D.C. First, readers will go over all the votes that are received from the states. But Trump won 30 states to Clinton's 20.

Now, some of those upset with the outcome of the presidential election want to eliminate the college, which apportions voting power for president among the states, or contrive an end-run around it. We suspect that is unlikely even in a solidly Democratic state such as California. Indeed, if things had gone the other way - Clinton had won on electoral votes but lost the national popular vote - Democrats would be just as feverishly defending the Electoral College and lauding those sexist, racist, dead white men for their "genius". Not because of Russian hacks and Comey letters.

Compare this to 2016 when only six states were visited more than 10 times by the major candidates - Pennsylvania 23, Florida 20, North Carolina 18, OH 16, Virginia 12 and Iowa 11. In 1993 I began drawing cartoons for The Plain Dealer.

I promise the next four years will be easier if you respect Trump as you would any commander in chief and if you offer up policy proposals rather than insults.