Quote: Ronda Rousey Will Retire After UFC 207

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The two fighters employ drastically different styles. A full fight card for UFC 207 can also be found at the foot of this article. "Forget about her. She has a lot of money already". Her three-year reign as the Bantamweight champion came to a stunning end as Rousey fell unconscious after being on the receiving end of a head kick.

The loss was Rousey's second consecutive defeat, and even though she did not get knocked out cold as she did in her last fight against Holly Holm, she was still dominated from start to finish in a fight that was over before it began.

Nunes quickly put her index finger to her lips to quiet the crowd. She is credited for getting women into the UFC. This is a very interesting fight as Rousey has been away for a while as Nunes has taken over the division.

So when she finally agreed to another bout, Rousey was allowed to bypass the usual scrutiny and tedium. "She's in it to win it". She attempts 4.9 submission attempts per 15 minutes, by far the highest rate among ranked bantamweights. Julianna Pena and Zingano are tied for second with 1.5. Nunes has not been submitted since her professional debut in 2008.

However, the American will be up against Nunes, who has been climbing up the UFC ladder in the recent past. Since Rousey relinquished her title to Holm, no one has been able to make a successful defense and truly make the title their own.

Nunes has successfully defended 73 percent of her opponents' takedown attempts.

The fight everyone is talking about it Amanda Nunes vs Ronda Rousey.

The fight at UFC 207 was Rousey's first of the year.

Rousey did not speak in the Octagon or appear at the post-fight press conference.

Amanda took some time out of her busy training schedule to answer a few questions for San Diego Gay and Lesbian News about her example as an LGBT sports role model and what it means for her to win this highly-anticipated stand-off.

Despite his revelation, Schaub is still rooting for his former lover and believes she will reclaim her title as the poster girl for women's MMA.

Due to these weird circumstances, Schaub thinks Rousey's head might still not be where it needs to be come fight time.