Alabama and Washington set to face off in College Football Playoff

Alabama quarterback Jalen Hurts looks to get to the National Championship as a true freshman.		John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports

"Yeah, it's true", said David Torrell, curator of the Husky Hall of Fame. I think the best way to beat that is trust the coaching, trust your preparation, have fun. They seem to understand that Saturday's College Football Playoff semifinal at the Georgia Dome is about survive-and-advance as much as building a reputation, but earning respect is certainly an item on their agenda. "And that's not an overstatement".

While Alabama was subjected to regional elitism and snobbery, many from the South chose to view the game as a re-enactment of the Civil War, with the team from Seattle representing the Yankees and Northern aggression - historical and geographical accuracy be damned. The 1984 season was but one of many college football campaigns in which a simple "plus-one" game after the bowls would have resolved a clear-cut 1-versus-2 debate for the national title.

The Tide's recruiting breakthrough - convincing elite talent that practicing against fellow 5-stars is more valuable to their future than playing sooner on rival teams - is an edge that is hard to replicate, and one that ostensibly builds dynasties.

Plus they had to travel cross country and do media interviews as early as 5 a.m. Washington needs to be aware of him.

That's not what he told assistant coach Dick Baird after the Huskies were drubbed 28-6 in the 1986 Sun Bowl by Alabama and coach Ray Perkins, the teams' last meeting.

To remain ahead of the 1995 Nebraska and 2015 Alabama teams, the Crimson Tide would need to finish the season with a second straight national title.

Each year, for some reason, someone broaches the subject of college football having a commissioner. He said it's a surreal feeling to not only come back to his hometown but also play against one of his best friends. They are the South's football team.

Actually, after spending a few days in Atlanta, they sort of understand the logic.

It was a chance for some alone time with the man who was not just his father, but his coach. And I think if you're doing it year after year, the flywheel really gets spinning and that creates a lot of things.

Alabama finds itself able to shut down the Washington run and make them one-dimensional enough to keep Browning and company from scoring their usual fare or anything close to it. Washington wins the turnover battle, but simply can't make enough plays against the Bama defense through a predictable passing game.

"Yea, Alabama is undoubtedly a solid football team with a prestigious history, but I have a feeling that things won't be all peachy for them on Saturday", DelBene said in a statement.

"These are twenty-two pairs of the stockiest legs any coach ever had under his control".

The 1926 Rose Bowl was the first postseason game that was nationally covered via broadcast radio.

It would not be a surprise if Alabama has the game under full control by halftime. UW led 12-0 at half.

Bryant, of course, became the Crimson Tide's greatest legend as a coach. The dual-threat Hurts has 22 touchdown passes and nine interceptions and also has rushed for 841 yards and 12 TDs. Lavon Coleman gained 836 yards, averaged 7.8 yards per carry and scored seven touchdowns.

"Alabama has a great defense", said Browning, who completed 9 of 24 passes in his last outing, a 41-10 win over Colorado in the Pac-12 championship game.

Meanwhile, the team chided as the "Tusca-losers" during the pregame buildup was celebrated by adoring crowds and big marching bands at train stops all the way back home. Only once has a quarterback, A.J. McCarron in 2013, received the most Heisman votes among Crimson Tide players.

"We've come to win". It may be cliche city in this one, but that's how cliches develop, I suppose.