Officer acted lawfully in black man's killing in NC


Mecklenburg County District Attorney Andrew Murray said during a press conference that Vinson, an officer with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department, had acted reasonably in firing on Scott, whom Murray said had a handgun and was brandishing it in view of the officers.

Officers went to the apartment complex September 20 to serve a warrant in an unrelated case. "He was just not a threat, period", Rakeyia Scott said. Murray showed surveillance video from a convenience store, recorded from minutes before the shooting, appearing to show a "bulge" in Scott's pant leg, near the right ankle "consistent with a gun in its holster".

FOX 46 Charlotte analyzed the report by District Attorney Andrew Murray that was released to the public on Wednesday.

Murray said Vinson, who is black, was the only officer who shot Scott. A protester in Charlotte, North Carolina was fatally shot by a civilian during a second night of unrest after the police killed a black man, officials said. They also addressed the sometimes violent protests that erupted following Scott's death in their statement: "Responding to violence with violence is never an appropriate response".

"I'd like to the community to take a collective pause", Murray said.

The district attorney went on to say that the SBI put more than 2,300 hours into the investigation.

Murray said 15 career prosecutors were involved in the decision to not prosecute Vinson, and that they were unanimous.

Charles Monnett, the Scott family attorney, said the family is reviewing the evidence but that they still have concerns.

The family continued to maintain after the killing that Scott was unarmed, and Bamberg said Wednesday that Rakeyia Scott "was not aware of her husband having a gun" at the time. She pleaded with officers not to shoot before a burst of gunfire could be heard.

Investigators analyzed the dash-cam, body-cam, cellphone footage and other video, but no recordings "clearly capture Mr. Scott's hands", Mr. Murray said. He added that he understood why prosecutors decided not to file charges.

Members of Charlotte Uprising speak to the media during a community press conference at the Belmont Community Center in Charlotte, N.C., Wednesday, Nov. 30, 2016, in the wake of the Keith Lamont Scott decision. All that means is that under the view of the DA's office, it wasn't criminal.

Video taken by Scott's widow shows a different perspective of what happened - but also doesn't tell the complete story. They didn't speak to reporters. Officers shot Scott after he got out of the vehicle again with a firearm "and posed an imminent deadly threat to the officers", police previously said.

BORAKS: Police recovered a loaded pistol that Scott dropped after he was shot.