About 100 in anti-Trump protest at Portland State University

Donald Trump

"Apparently, this is the greatest country on earth, and we haven't been showing that lately", said Blake Hernandez, student at Northwood High School.

Students from more than 100 colleges across the country on Wednesday plan to again participate in walkout protests over the results of the November 8 presidential election.

About 300 students gathered in a circle in the driveway outside the high school at 1:30 p.m., the appointed hour participating high schools in Marin had agreed upon.

"We will not accept Trump's sexism, racism, his put-down of LGBT folks", one student told ABC7 as she marched.

Blake, Springbrook and Paint Branch high school students walked out again on Wednesday to protest election results.

Demonstrators upset over the election of Donald Trump have marched in cities around the country over the past week, and some are making plans to be in Washington for his inauguration January 20.

Reporters with The Hawkeye spoke to Senior Jaeda Hawkes, who stood on an electrical box above the crowd to lead the chants.

Noelie Quintero, 17, said they represented Latinos, Muslims, women and others marginalized by Trump.

"It hurt me inside knowing somebody from outside our race is talking bad about us", said Rodriguez, carrying a sign reading, "Brown and Proud".

Demonstration organizers emphasized to the students that they should remain orderly and avoid provoking conflict with either Trump supporters or police officers.

John Sasaki, a spokesman for Oakland Unified School District, said administrators want students back in class as soon as possible, but they are not telling them to stop their protests.

She said candidates in the next election need "to do a better job of actually talking to people who are disaffected, who are upset".

Monday marks the sixth day that anti-Trump protesters across the United States have taken to the streets.

Tens of thousands of people have marched in cities from NY to Los Angeles in largely peaceful rallies since Trump's upset victory last Tuesday over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Backman said staff is well aware of the planned protest, and that they are "taking precautions to keep kids safe". She said feels like "he's not really thinking for the people".

Once Trump becomes president and starts making policy decisions, that could crystalize opposition and focus people's attention on certain issues, he said. "They might as well suck it up and deal with it".

"This is a peaceful protest, no violence whatsoever", the John Delloro program wrote on Facebook. "They should be spreading a message of unity". "So I brought mine".

"This is America", Celeste said. They chanted "Save our future" and "not my president" as they marched through the streets. Food and drink cups were thrown in the direction of the flag holders.