Bernie Sanders Won't Rule Out 2020 White House Run


The party should have "a laser-beam focus on everything we do, and everything we do should animate and empower them at the grassroots level for working people across this country".

Trump's open warfare with Republican leaders over the past year and a half obscured the extent of the Democrats' crisis, and they are only now beginning to contend with it. The DNC undermined Mr. Sanders's bid and favoured Ms. Clinton, leaked emails of its functionaries indicated later. That isn't sitting well with the most fervent supporters of Bernie Sanders, many of whom tried to warn voters that Hillary Clinton's weaknesses would hand a victory to Donald Trump.

On Wednesday, Bernie Sanders gave his first post-Election Day interview to CNN's Wolf Blitzer.

In calls with donors and supporters, CNN has learned campaign chair John Podesta says Federal Bureau of Investigation director James Comey reviving the email controversy cost Hillary Clinton the election, by turning away some of her wavering supporters.

Speaking to CNN for his first interview since Trump was pronounced victor of the 2016 presidential election, Sanders reaffirmed his claim that he will stand against the president-elect if he uses his power to discriminate. As President, Donald Trump will also nominate a Supreme Court justice.

He called for introspection as to how people who do not even believe in the concept, the understanding of climate change, which is virtually unanimously agreed to by the scientific community have been elected to the offices. I suspect you'll be hearing quite a bit from Bernie Sanders too.

Briggs did say that Sanders would not run for Senate Minority Leader, a position now held by Sen.

Larry Sanders, the UK-based brother of U.S. senator Bernie, believes that his brother would have defeated Donald Trump in the USA election had he defeated Hillary Clinton to secure the Democratic presidential nomination.

Ellison said Democrats lost this week's election because their positions didn't make it through the noise of whether former Secretary of State Clinton violated any law by use of personal e-mail services for government communications. The poll was commissioned and financed by outgoing Florida Congressman Alan Grayson, a Democrat who endorsed Sanders in the presidential primary.

More likely than not, Trump's working class voters in this region may be in for a big surprise when he doesn't follow up on his campaign promises. Instead she's looking forward. You know, I suppose a lot of people would agree with that, knowing what we know today.

According to Policy.Mic, if only millennials had voted either for a Democratic or Republican nominee, Clinton would have won with 504 electoral votes to Trump's 23.

You really gotta hear him say it to get the full effect.

Asked if there was anything they could have done in states like MI and Wisconsin to beat Trump, a top aide offered: "Not had Comey send his letter".