Portland Police declare Trump Protest a riot


On Thursday, hundreds of marchers blocked traffic, as organizers said they would do.

The streets were largely quiet as of 2 a.m. throughout the city.

Thousands turned out for a second night of protests in major cities like Baltimore, New York and Portland in another night of vocal disapproval of the president-elect. An officer was injured near police headquarters, leading to one arrest, but Eisenman had no details about the circumstances or the injury.

Nine hours after accusing the media of inciting professional protesters, Donald Trump abruptly reversed course Friday morning, praising those same protesters who have come out in the thousands to demonstrate against his election as having "passion for our great country". Video footage appears to confirm this. It was not immediately clear if anyone was hit.

Civil rights groups and police reported an uptick in attacks on members of minority groups, some by people claiming to support Mr Trump.

Senior Trump adviser and former NY mayor Rudy Giuliani called protesters on college campuses "a bunch of spoiled cry-babies" on Fox News.

Portland Police on Twitter called the protest an unlawful assembly, saying protesters were throwing objects at police. After giving several orders to leave, officers fired rubber baton rounds. Police said demonstrators made their way onto Interstate 25, stopping traffic for about a half-hour.

Thursday was the third night people have protested in the city since Trump won the general election.

Labelling the protestors "professional" or "incited", said Kenneth Roth, the head of Human Rights Watch, "doesn't change their First Amendment right: 'the right of the people peaceably to assemble'". "We will all come together and be proud!" it said.

Protesters in Portland's Pearl District were breaking windows of several businesses and some were arming themselves with rocks from a construction site, police said.

Police ordered protesters who gathered in Portland for a third night to disperse after a peaceful demonstration turned into what they called a riot, citing "extensive criminal and unsafe behavior".

Police tweeted that projectiles had been thrown at officers, and cars had been damaged. "Will soon be making some very important decisions on the people who will be running our government", the tweet read.

One protester, 24-year-old Jessica Orman, says the demonstrators aren't happy with the president-elect and "we're trying to let everyone know that".

Oregon Department of Transportation officials closed portions of Interstate 5 and Interstate 84 in the area intermittently as a precaution. Officials urged travelers to use caution and watch for people in unexpected places on roads.