Democrats Breaking Records: Control Fewest State Legislatures in History


Trump this year proposed cutting the top individual income tax rate to 33 percent from its current 39.6 percent. With the vote, Thibodeau became the first Republican to hold the post for two consecutive terms since 1980. It marks a stunning change for the chamber, which Democrats once controlled by a dominating plurality of 114-37 back in 2009. Trump does not have the margin that Obama did when Obama took office and could push legislation through without Republican support. The GOP retained seats in Minnesota, New York, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Iowa and Wisconsin that Democrats coveted as Republicans prepared to add to their six-year run of House control.

New Mexico election officials indicated Wednesday that close results would likely trigger automatic recounts in three legislative races - without affecting the Democrats' newly won majority in the House of Representatives.

"I can promise Iowans that this Republican Senate majority will implement policies to help create new career opportunities, reduce the size of state government and improve the quality of life for all Iowans", said Iowa Sen.

Trump said he and the Republican majority were going to accomplish "absolutely spectacular things for the American people".

Danny Homan, president of the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees Council 61, told reporters that the "outlier" from Tuesday's election is what the governor and majority GOP legislators might do regarding Iowa's collective bargaining law. One Democrat ousted was Greg Stumbo, the House speaker and former state attorney general who was a major force in Kentucky politics for decades. Democrat Charlie Crist, once the state's Republican governor, defeated Rep. David Jolly in a St. Petersburg district redrawn to favor Democrats.

Republicans appeared to hold onto many legislative bodies that Democrats went after hard, including the Senate in West Virginia and the House in MI. Only several dozen of the chambers seats were considered competitive, though most of those considered at risk were held by Republicans.

"Maine is no longer a blue state". In the event the Senate is 50-50, control goes to the party that wins the White House, because the United States vice president holds a deciding vote in the event of a tie.

Harrison argued it's more about finding the right messengers to take the Democratic platform to the pockets of the electorate that have drifted away from the party, naming New York Sen.

Nevada represented one of the few Democratic bright spots on Tuesday.

Republicans have kept veto-proof majorities in both the House and Senate despite Democratic efforts to cut into GOP advantages.

House Republican leaders still face problems ahead. In 2018, Democrats must defend 23 seats, plus two independents' seats; Republicans, only eight. OR elected state Rep. Dennis Richardson (R) as its new Secretary of State over Brad Avakian, the incumbent Commissioner of Labor and Industries. Make no mistake: if GOP senators take Walker's advice and the filibuster dies altogether, there will be practically no mechanism in place to stand in the way of Republicans getting everything they want over the next two years, at a minimum. Pat McCrory from well over 4.6 million ballots cast in the election.