Pence campaign aide stays on Indiana payroll


Pence was quick to attack Clinton, playing off of her "basket of deplorables" comment about Trump supporters that has plagued her during the campaign.

Ivanka Trump is scheduled to attend a breakfast event at 7:30 a.m. Thursday at the Royal Park Hotel in Rochester, according to the Trump campaign.

Second, a Trump-Pence administration is committed to appointing Supreme Court and other federal judges who value the original intent of our founding fathers expressed in the Constitution. On Monday of this week, I voted for Donald Trump. We're a country of constitutional laws.

"We will restore the Arsenal of Democracy", Pence said, "Hunt down and destroy ISIS so they can no longer threaten us or our allies".

Many of those in attendance said they had become disgusted with politics as usual.

That's the path Americans can choose, Pence said, by voting for Trump, who he said embodies the American spirit - "strong, freedom-loving, independent, optimistic and willing to fight everyday for what he believes in".

"I came here 20 years ago to this country and it was a attractive country", Adriana Morgan said. "And I am sure that what he said is not meant out of hate".

"I think Donald Trump literally embodies the spirit of America", Pence said. We need to give him that chance.

But data about the early vote suggest she's not doing as well as President Barack Obama in 2012.

John Coulthard had, but was still in line before 8 get a seat. Standing across from them, a small group holding "love trumps hate" signs.

"He said a bad word", she said. "He's a people president".

"I joined this campaign in a heartbeat", Pence said. The other group, said they were saddened and hurt.

Many people who attended the rally supported these views.

"We thought that every point that he made was great", Becca said.

Before the doors opened, Trump supporters lined up outside. Trump insisted at a campaign event in Albuquerque on Sunday that he can win New Mexico and has directed new attention here.

Both men are seen as potential GOP presidential contenders in 2020 if Trump loses to Clinton. Trump has come to Northern Colorado himself twice, to Loveland and Greeley.

Pence's trip will come one day after Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is scheduled to campaign at Pitt Community College. "Our allies less secure, and our enemies are more emboldened".

The crowd chanted "Lock her up, Lock Her up" when Pence paused.

Pence's press secretary tweeted the news Wednesday evening.

After the Pence rally, Keith Brooks of El Paso left feeling energized.

Pence stressed that America needs a change from the status quo and that the team of Trump and Pence would bring the change that America needs and would "Make America Great Again". There's just so much corruption in Washington.