FBI email probe should not 'operate on innuendo': Obama

Most routes to 270 blocked for Trump, needs last-ditch surge

Neither of these scenarios are particularly likely, according to most prediction models, but there's also not a ton of polling out of those states and they could shift in an unexpected way.

Some national polls indicate a tightening race, but with more than 23 million early voting ballots already cast, winning left-leaning MI still presents a tremendous challenge for the GOP candidate.

According to a powerful new open-source prediction model, the state most likely to turn Trump is Colorado-a state where Clinton has led for most of the year but now has an average lead of just 2.4 points.

In Florida, Quinnipiac has Clinton ahead by one, while the CNN poll shows her up by two.

Now, Republicans are praising Comey for his unwillingness to wait until after the November 8 election to reveal there are new questions about emails.

Sixty-two percent of likely voters who have yet to go the polls also say the FBI's actions and recently discovered emails belonging to a top Clinton aide don't make a difference to their vote, while about a third say it makes them less likely to vote for Clinton.

As patriarch, Sununu has seen his sons follow in his footsteps, with Chris Sununu now running for governor and John E. Sununu having served as a US senator and congressman.

Her team has long accepted that many voters simply don't trust the former secretary of state, but they believe she is viewed as more qualified than Trump to be president - an assertion backed up by many public opinion polls.

In Virginia State, which is a swing vote State after President Obama broke the tradition since 1964 has seen locals vote in Republicans, the new email dossier is becoming a game changer in Cinton's presidential bid. She made a late stop Wednesday in reliably Republican Arizona, where Trump's unpopularity among Hispanic voters has given Democrats hope.

Comey's actions Friday have roiled the White House race, energizing Trump as polls had shown him sliding and unnerved Democrats already anxious about the presidency and down-ballot congressional races.

Clinton stuck with the sharp-edged closing argument as polls showed her once-hefty lead noticeably trimmed in recent days.

With less than a week to go until the election, President Obama made his way to Southwest Miami-Dade to personally ask voters to make Hillary Clinton his successor.

It was only a couple weeks ago when Clinton's lead ballooned in several national polls after the release of a video in which Trump could be heard making sexually aggressive comments about how he treats women.

The attack is aimed at appealing to moderate Republicans and independents who have been the holdouts of his campaign, turned off by his behavior but equally repelled by the possible return of the Clintons. Trump plans to focus on health care, the fight against the Islamic State group, job creation and "certainly ethics".

To win, a candidate needs a majority of 270 votes and, with large states such as NY and California usually going to the Democrats, Mrs Clinton looks likely to get at least 226 votes.

USA presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump.

Clinton is ahead in most polls, but a last-minute surge by the 70-year-old Trump has delighted USA foes, nauseated allies and winded global financial markets.

The controversy over Clinton's email practices while she served as secretary of state has dogged her for more than a year.

Clinton had a 5.1-percentage-point advantage in the Real Clear Politics poll average and a 77 percent of carrying the state next week, according to FiveThirtyEight. A trio of Pennsylvania polls had her ahead by four to five points in the Keystone State.

"If Donald Trump were to win this election we would have a commander in chief who is completely out of his depth and whose ideas are incredibly risky", she said at Pitt Community College outside of Greenville, North Carolina.

The survey was conducted from Saturday to Tuesday, after Friday's Federal Bureau of Investigation bombshell of renewed interest in Clinton's emails.

The CNN polls of 769 likely voters in Arizona, 773 in Florida, 790 in Nevada and 779 in Pennsylvania were taken October 27-Nov. It included 1,264 people who were considered likely voters under the assumption that 60 percent of eligible voters would participate. 1 and had a margin of error of 4.9 percentage points.