Slack attacks Microsoft's Teams app in full page New York Times ad

Slack attacks Microsoft's Teams app in full page New York Times ad

Slack, now the lead office communication platform, took out a full-page ad in the New York Times titled "Dear Microsoft" ahead of the Teams announcement this morning.

Just as expected, Microsoft Teams is integrated with a series of other Microsoft products, including Skype, which makes it possible for teams to start voice and video conferences, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint, OneNote, Planner, Power BI and Delve.

"Microsoft Teams is an entirely new experience that brings together people, conversations and content - along with the tools that teams need - so they can easily collaborate to achieve more", Microsoft Office team corporate vice president Kirk Koenigsbauer said in a blog post announcing the new product.

A promotional video introducing Microsoft Teams describes it as "a chat-based workspace that gives people one place to connect and create in inherently human ways". Microsoft Teams will differ from Slack in that it will have Office 365 integration and the ability to make Skype calls. There can be both open group chats and direct messages, and Microsoft Teams supports the use of memes, GIFs, stickers and emoji. Microsoft also has Teams apps in the works for Windows Phone, iOS, and Android.

Nevertheless, Slack is growing quickly and while Microsoft was rumored to be considering purchasing the company at one point, they made a decision to build their own iteration which was shown off today.

If you don't work in an office, the existence of Slack may have passed you by.

Perhaps the most interesting bit is that Microsoft is emphasizing Teams as an "open" workplace, meant to replicate interactions between people in the real world.

Teams is launching in preview mode in 181 countries and in 18 localized languages.

Slack is popular among the millennials and was developed as a digital platform where users can have idle office chit-chat and where teams can discuss projects.

Different conversations can be organised by topic, allowing colleagues to scroll back through threads and see how discussions developed before joining in.

Moor Insights and Strategy Principal Analyst Patrick Moorhead said in an email that he's "very positive on Microsoft Teams". Inside Office 365 admin center, one should locate Settings, Tap Services & Add Ins, and tap Microsoft Teams. In addition, Teams will support key European Union, U.S., and other compliance regulations.

Microsoft's latest answer to that threat was unveiled Wednesday in the form of a workplace collaboration tool called Microsoft Teams.

On Wednesday Microsoft finally released its hyped Teams software, a messaging system that wants to take over your office. "And now with Microsoft Teams, Office 365 accommodates all workstyles".

So, why does Microsoft hope you'll ditch Slack or HipChat and get into the Office 365 fold? It will also allow group calling, screen sharing and many other features.

The important take away is that Microsoft has created a successful way for people to talk to each other without actually having worry about things like someone insisting on having a large fan on all the time or stealing the milk.

Lastly, Teams benefits from the security controls one should expect of a managed business service.