Early voting in Clinton County lags behind 2012 totals


Some experts predict that early voting turnout will increase compared with four years ago, but caution that doesn't mean overall turnout will surpass that of four years ago.

Comparing the periods another way, on the first six days in which people could vote early, there were 33,571 ballots cast this year. You still get an "I voted" sticker (it comes with the mail ballot) and the smug satisfaction that comes from wearing it all day.

"And believe me, there's a lot going on", Trump said at a rally.

These findings represent absentee ballots and early votes cast by more than 18.6 million Americans across 37 states where data are available. This year, about 42,000 registered Democrats have cast ballots in the deep-blue county to date. Her website provides a glimpse of the campaign's activity, with scores of phone banks calling voters across the state.

AP also moves Iowa from leaning Republican to tossup after a recent Quinnipiac University poll there showed a tied race. Obviously you'll need to clear your schedules on November 8. More than 2.5 million votes have been cast statewide so far.

Stone said the 1400 people across the United States who have volunteered for the project have been instructed to use neutral language and only approach people after they have voted. On Election Day, Nov. 8, polls will be open from 7 7 p.m. And Democrats are still beating Republicans in in-person turnout.

With a total of 3,823 absentee ballots in hand by Thursday, Scarborough was on track to surpass 4,495 absentee ballots in 2012 and possibly exceed 5,477 absentee ballots in 2008, the last two presidential election years. By race, voter modeling by Catalist found the white share of OH ballot requests was up to 91 percent from 87 percent.

Absentee voting, in ME, is essentially early voting. The remaining states do not require presidential write-in candidates to file special paperwork before the election.

Let's suppose Republicans end up coalescing and he gets 90 percent and she gets only 80 percent of Democrats ― a highly unlikely scenario, to put it mildly ― he would still need to win indies by at least 10 points to win the state. But that lead is narrower than 2012, when Democrats held an advantage of 14 percentage points.

"In terms of enthusiasm, we feel like we have an edge in Hamilton County", Ohio Republican Party spokeswoman Brittany Warner said.

Meanwhile, Arizona has passed a law saying that only direct family members and caregivers could turn in someone's ballot; giving it to anyone else is a felony. So it makes sense that Clinton has been pushing early voting in Florida this week, while Trump and Kaine are swinging through OH; it makes more sense to be there now. In Florida, mail-in voting by far beats out in-person voting - 1.6 million mailed votes have been cast to 864,000 in-person votes. The numbers were compiled by a data analytics firm, Catalist, allowing a comparison between early voting in 2016 and 2012.

"We heard it was happening, but it is not someone from our agency", Sandi Brackeen, public information officer for the sheriff's office, said. "Suburban Republicans are not for Donald Trump".