Xbox One and Xbox 360 users reveal fresh outage issues


We speculated that Quantum Break would likely be a Windows Store exclusive when the PC announcement broke, but now we've had official confirmation.

Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg has commented on the recently announced Quantum Break for PC, which is set to launch same day and date as the Xbox One version of the game.

Whilst making an appearance on the latest Major Nelson podcast, Greenberg announced that the third-person action-adventure game would be available on Windows 10, exclusively on the Windows Store.

Although this revelation does not really come as a surprise, it does shed light on Microsoft's commitment to expanding and promoting their own, private store over the more universal Steam.

Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer confirmed to fans on Twitter that Microsoft was looking to make it a platform feature, saying "We think it's good for gamers".

He states, "We weren't sure how and when we could get the Windows 10 version done".

Some Xbox One players anxious it signaled a move away from console game development, while PC players anxious the move would somehow "dumb down" their own experience.

Not according to Xbox Senior Director for PC Gaming Kevin Unangst, at least. They had a path that they were on. Through the great mercy of our Microsoft overlords, GFWL was eventually discontinued and, through further effort by developers and communities, stripped from games within which it'd been defectively embedded. It is being developed by Remedy Interactive and published by Microsoft Game Studios.

"We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your patience". It remains to be seen just how pervasive the new Windows Store is, found in Windows 10, but Microsoft is keen to start figuring out what its audience looks like.

Yesterday we got the surprise announcement that Quantum Break, a highly anticipated Xbox One exclusive would actually also be launching on the PC at the same time in April.